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  1. It would be great to be able to pull off a deal with Columbus
  2. One thing for sure is the Defense pairings need to be changed up timely time outs need to be called an players actually talked to by the bench staff to refocus them of task at hand. the team need s to be a better faster break out of zone team overall
  3. YEah he likes to over pay some of his signings
  4. probably not gonna be effective in tight in heavy games like California teams
  5. I expect summer to be busy an go fast look forward to september is all I can say
  6. oiler D sucks period I likeEtems play down the stretch steady as a poster before mentioned maybe Hansen future replacement.
  7. All that worries me is if we win a top three draft pick JB goes off the board it is kinda of nightmare that keeps happening. The top three on the board are consensus post picks either one of the three is good enough for me. if we drift lower in the pecking order than 4 th I surely would have to pick one of the D men of the three out there and I happen to be fine with that also . I happen to believe the top three are gonna be generational players in this draft class.
  8. no an no an nope
  9. has anyone put any serious thought as too what players may still be there at 6-10 on draft day? It looks more an more we will pick mid early range now as a certainty.
  10. Real good H sedin real good
  11. JB took calculated risk in every move he made in run up to TDL this year .This was probably his biggest learning curve todate. Hopefully other GM's never take him for granted again.One thing for sure JB has been stockpiling prospects ,an parts that have mostly gone un-noticed by other teams .at very little to marginal cost with play now ability most will supplement an complement the direction the team is heading now. The young guys are being developed an holes up front are being dealt with . Now only the Defense needs attention I have a feeling this is on short term event horizon (short term 6 months) an hopefully will be more seem less than the way our forward assets were managed. Lets go Canucks
  12. Yes same here just been waiting patiently since early December.i am not sure what JB is holding off on his development here on the big club? i think he is ready to play bottom pairing role. He will be waiver eligible this fall so seems crazy to waste an lose opportunity to audition him last 20 games or so. I would send Weber down . i fear we will lose him for nothing also.
  13. This is kinda right up JB ally a perfect project fit . the mix on the team adding Russians fins would give the international players a sexy look on the future team He seems to ahhh ahhh,have a lot of likeable attributes the team seems to be focusing on. Package him with pouliot for Hammer throw in gritty Prust. Ask for a 5 th back if the Russian does not play 50 games this an next year
  14. Why not throw Higgens in for free too or Prust ?
  15. Yep the buck stops here , you hit it of the park here good post on reality. Really not all that keen on taking Bickell cap hit but do want another 1rst for JB to work with