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  1. PS, if I didn't know you, I would have minused you for that post you made in Caps.

  2. No, actually. It's when you make a comment about liking a crappy player ;)

  3. Apparently if I have an opinion about liking a player that scores against us, Canuck fans go ballistic. Welcome to Vancouver. Its hillarious, really =p

  4. Lol, you got -ed for that?

    LOL, I would have guess it was the post you made that was half in all caps...

  5. 5 posts in and you're already a -2. WTG. =P

    P.S. Stamkos sucks.

  6. I am so certain that you're who I think you are.

    If you arn't. Sorry


    If you are,


  7. HI. Guess who.

    Made an account because...well I'll tell you, just not here


  8. Hello - you can take a guess at who I am, who decided to make an account just to stalk a certain someone's trashtalk