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  1. Wikipedia already shows Erik Gudbranson Playing for the Canucks. If I was half that motivated, I'd be a rich man!
  2. Would've been better off with a car salesman in place of Benning.
  3. As I was watching last nights highlights on TSN I can't help but wonder just how much of a little turd Evander Kane is in the locker room. The way Maurice, Byfuglien and others are staying so hush hush is a little disturbing. Are they refusing to talk out of fear that the truth may lower his trade value? The way the jets are handling this does not in my opinion make Kane a great option.
  4. Refreshing to see someone compliment WD on his decision. This highly opinionated group on CDC is ruthless. There has been very little backlash on our coach and management this year as they have done a tremendous job to date. WD seems like a very smart man and doesn't seem to have the same brutal tendencies Tortorella showed last year (i.e: benching Lu for Heritage Classic). I was really rooting for Kassian but there is a greater force here that is keeping Kassian off the ice and I applaud WD as well for sticking to his guns..
  5. Nothing wrong with someone being a little optimistic. If you want to call out a post why don't you try one of the thousand pessimistic ones and leave the believers alone. Just saying buddy..
  6. Just a question, is there no one else who can step in as a third pairing d-man? Sbisa just seems like such a liability out there.
  7. You obviously didn't tune in last night against Boston.
  8. Not too sure if anyone posted a link for this : It's a pretty good in-depth comparison of the two players..
  9. Last night was the most entertaining game I've watched from this team in a long time. Willy was rolling all 4 lines and I love how it was mentioned on a few occasions that his team building skills were highlighted by the simple task of letting Horvat take the opening face-off. Whether this team is a contender or not can't be based on the first dozen games but it's undeniable that change has been made and we are miles ahead of where any Canucks fan probably would have thought we'd be prior to the start of this season. Also, that Bonino trade isn't looking too shabby considering Kesler wanted out but I woulda let them keep Sbisa lol.
  10. I've got four loves in my life. My wife, my children, the Canucks and my youth.

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i still have son/ grandson and the canucks.