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  1. Hello there How u doin.:)

  2. Yay! Movin' on to Round 2~ Go Canucks Go!!

  3. Wow, I was most nervous about tonight's game by far. But hey alls well that ends well!! Hat's off to Luongo, he played a stellar game tonight. The Kings sure brought their game in this series for sure!! Both Brown & Doughty were a force to be wreckened with but our guys did it. Next Round please? This round was no easy task for the boys, neither will the next round. Just have to keep having faith in them do keep movin' on! GO CANUCKS GO!!! Oh and if you haven't downloaded Kid Carson's Morning Show's Canucks song, here's the link... Go Download it!! http://ow.ly/1CXYI GO CANUCKS GO!!!
  4. Uhm, Sorry not trying to be rude or pick a fight, but they do exist...I have a special needs son in which I can't get any medical help / proper diagnosis unless I "PAY" for them out of pocket which is BS to me... I've been dealing with this BS for 3 years on our "free health care" so yeah...health cuts do exist in my reality..... just sayin....
  5. Wow...is the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics really over?? It all seems so surreal to now. No more parties, no more world... *sigh* I have to admit that I was not a fan of the Olympics because of the money spent on it with all the cutbacks to our health and education, but decided to suck it up once the games started. I got some negative feedback on how I was against and now I'm for the Olympics. I was never FOR the olympics, but thought why whine & snot n bawl about it. They were here and there was nothing I could do to change it so why sit and mope around about it. So why can't I cheer on my country and enjoy all the wonderful memories? Well it's what I did. And I got alot of crap from it but meh whatevs. It is what it is. I can't change how people respond and react. Anyways............ I am so very proud of our Canadian Athletes and ALL of their accomplishments. I even went to high school with a girl from the Women's Snowboarding Team! Was awesome to cheer her on! Ok so we may have not OWNED the PODIUM in a total medal count, our big brothers/sisters in the US did that. What a mighty fine job our Canadian Athletes did..... BUT...... We broke a record with most GOLD Medals in a Winter Olympics. My theory is that Canada PWND the GOLDium!! 14 GOLD medals baby!! WOOOOOO!! Congrats to our Canadian Athletes on a job well done and thank you Vancouver for again showing the world what a classy city we are. With Expo '86 putting a hit out & NOW The 2010 Winter Olympics have definately put Welcome to Vancouver on the Map! Ok so now about how exciting that Gold Medal Hockey Game Was!! Wow... I was so excited and had butterflies in my stomach plus the fact I felt like I was going to hurl and when the US's Zack Parise scored on Luongold with 24 seconds left in the 3rd period I was beside myself. My heart felt like it was going to stop and jump right out of my mouth!! I almost cried!! I was on the edge of my seat and my sons and I were screaming at the TV GO CANADA GO!! And I swear I almost fainted when Crosby scored our GOLDEN goal! It was such a great game played by both TeamUSA & TeamCanada!! Ok so now that the Olympics over time to get back into action with our Canucks!! I'm so excited for Tuesday to get back into our Canucks routine. So word out is that Raycroft starts in net against the Columbus Blue Jackets? Well bring it on, we will see you on Tuesday Columbus!! ~Bonnie
  6. Uhm yeah that IS the word...but I said I was putting it POLITELY! LOL!!
  7. I didn't get to see the game today with Russia vs Czech but someone tweeted me that there was an Ovechkin hit on Jagr that I had to really see! And I was like oh now...seriously?? This guy seems like a........well a sanitary woman's cleaning product putting it politely... like c'mon!! I'm sure most of you know what hit I am talking about! If you don't then you definately need to see this. Ovechkin /Jagr Hit. Holy mother of cheese whiz!! That had to have hurt like H.E. Double Hockey Sticks!! Gotta few things to do before Canada takes on USA!! I'm predicting a 3-2 win in favour of OH CANADA!!! GO CANADA GO!!!! Later!! ~Bonnie
  8. welcome ms. berrie....great story. enjoy canada on now.

  9. heh heh....lol..thanks...uh oh...now I'm skeered if you like my twitter updates!! LOL! What's your twitter name?
  10. Hmmmmm...........Is that a good or a bad thing??
  11. After todays butt whooping our boys got from the Minnesota Wild!! Wow....6-2??? what a disappointing game this afternoon. I'm not liking our guys defence or offense on the road too much. Seems like all the energy and ooomph was left behind at GM place. I know we can't win every game but with the wins we were having made it seem like yeah we could almost get away with winning most of the games! *sigh* I'm hoping after the Olympic break the boys can get their schtuff together and bring us back our arse whoopin team! This lack of blogging was brought to you by limited time being on a Sunday. Ok now on to routing for Team Canada during the Olympics!! GO CANADA GO!! ~Bonnie