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  1. Hey, im posting in the thread about it, we have a handful of people so far, and it is either you host or David.V from onehunga, I dont mind either way, but there is few from albany that are keen for this and are alot closer to you. Throw your 2 cents in on the thread. Thanks

  2. Hey. The two available dates are 21 Nov - Saturday in NZ, and 29 Nov. Sunday in NZ. Game time is 1pm here. I can host, but not too central for people in Auckland, as I live in Red Beach, just south of Orewa. Let me know what the interest is, and if someone has a more central location. The set up is easy. Sound is no problem for me. Cheers.

  3. Hey,

    Looks like there is gonna be game 3 on Sat 21 @ midday or 1pm (NZ day & time). My place probably isnt gonna be the go, im not very central, im up albany/dairy flat, and dont have any walls where a projector would work, too many windows hahaha. Would you be keen to host it? I will make a topic and we can get numbers of people and see what people are keen for

  4. KiwiAd - Let's pick a game and get the invitation out - one of the games next weekend sounds good. Do you have a white or creme coloured wall ??

    MacPuma - thanks for the feedback on the Ripper. I don't post a lot: just when there is something meaningful to be said. Keeo in touch about the big screen date. Cheers.

  5. Hey,

    I have an nhl gamecenter account, and your projector idea sounds pretty good.

    There are quite a few fans on here from auckland, I live on the north shore

  6. gave you a plus on your amazing post on ripper,,, tried giving u more but couldnt haaaha