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  1. I'm ok with a Thundedome against TL, but MR needs a lot more attention.
  2. I can get behind this. Anyone else feel that Kurisu is low key playing a solid scum game?
  3. I'm not opposed to getting lynched, I'm totally vanilla so no special loss to the town. I still feel MR & SS are better 2agons, but if you're gonna wagon me, then at least make it a good one.
  4. Ask MR for specifics, but I believe they're kind of like a Jack of all Trades, but they don't know what their abilities do when they choose them
  5. The 2 Sheriff claims are flipped Maf, nice. What of MRs "dreaming god" claim?
  6. Unvote vote MR Everyone talking about it, but not doing it is a coward