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  1. Well, I hate myself yet love many others, soooooooo...false dichotomy?
  2. I feel the same way, except I feel I'm badder at mawfeeah
  3. Good luck bro, I OWN Rd 1 lynch candidacy. Yep done my finals...I'm old as &^@#, and stopped taking those 10 years ago. Let's discuss Mafia, especially playing a new game.
  4. If men didn't abuse abortion and use it like birth control then stuff like this wouldn't happen! I mean, c'mon! Men just walk down the street, order a Starbucks, and then get a girl knocked up! Cuz of their loose morals...geez, I can't believe these Men...with their Starbucks and abortive birth control. No respect for life! I just hope Men kill humans fast enough, & order enough Starbucks, to preserve the dignity of human life! Goddamn Men...I mean Women, sorry my spell check is frazzled.
  5. A pole flip? Cuz that only takes a thousand years or so to complete...glad to see you're considering history in a human scale, not a geological scale I will go plant a tree tho, that's good advice
  6. Of course the Earth doesn't care about humanity, it doesn't have sentience. Maybe, juuuuuuust maybe, Bill Nye & Co are referring to the human ability to survive on the planet given current conditions. Let's not straw-man them to death, shall we? You're point seems rather semantical.
  7. I named my penis T-Rex, if ya wanna hop on? Nah, just joking...his name is Mr. Sparkle