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  1. If it's a set day of the week kinda thing then I can bring my computer home from work
  2. Bluejay has been lynched...sick of the colour orange on a man's face & disgusted by a man who plays golf in horribly tight white clothing, he was a Whistleblower! Some things stick no matter how slippery & slimy you are, and such was the case with Luckylager...one less Loyalist to tell the world about the amazing Commander in Chief. Next Nightfall is in 24 hours.
  3. Bluejay you are set to be lynched, you may have your last words
  4. West Virginia....mountain momma... Dear God. It's been there, right in our faces all along...
  5. Except country music, which was birthed thru the canal of a snarling, demonic misanthrope
  6. General history is my favourite kind of history. Specific history is for the birds
  7. Hoggers was lynched! On his personal cell phone numerous emails & text messages to "Fake News" organizations were discovered...he was lousy, rotten Whistleblower! MR was lynched! On his person was a signed copy of the Commander in Chief's autobiography...he was a Loyalist! Meanwhile, in the halls of the White House, whispers and messages flew to & fro...but somehow the Whistleblowers couldn't get their facts to stick...the Loyalist who was targeted managed to slip thru their fingers this time. Next Nightfall on Thursday
  8. @hoggers @Master Radishes You are set to be lynched, you may have your final words
  9. ATTENTION! Nightfall will be taking place in approx. 10 mins