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  1. Haha, nah it's not Wang Chung. THIS is Wang Chung
  2. Lucky's aggro response to MR as the opposing wagon makes me suspect that if LL is scum, MR very well could be his teammate.
  3. He's made points against Lucky...after others called Lucky out as scum, but MR is setting it up with "my read is better", to avoid being called out for sheeping I believe. He also has revisited his slanker cover story more than once, as though he feels the need to justify it beyond his initial explanation.
  4. Are you upset that I chose your Maf teammate to race wagons?
  5. Alright, 1 thing is clear: TR18 and his lady like to get dooooooooooown.
  6. Fuxk are you talking about? Town won last game
  7. Why do you talk about us like you're not one of us?