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  1. [Tech] Wi-Fi alternative Li-Fi Proves to be 100x Faster

    Is it too much to ask for both?
  2. Planning Canucks away trips with CDC board members

    I think he wants to meet up at a hockey game, not the internet, so mom says you're good!
  3. 2015 Forbes NHL Team Values

  4. What are you listening to?

      So damn awesome
  5. Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane

    If Russia's Olympic facilities are any indication, a couple slingshots should be able to handle them. #sochistillhilarious
  6. 2015 Forbes NHL Team Values

    I'd trade Vancouver's team value for Carolina's Stanley Cup. Straight up.
  7. confessions

    I've notified the local authorities.
  8. The Workout Thread

    Take it to failure, by which I mean you can not do a clean, full range of motion rep. If you do 10 reps for 4 sets, but the weight isn't challenging you at the end of each set, it won't do diddly muscle building wise.   Full range of motion, each rep should take about 4 seconds to complete (1 second up, 3 seconds going down) & if you're able to do 10-12 & feel like you could do 3-4 more, bump up the weight.  Don't ego lift: if you can't do the weight clean & with a full range, it's too heavy. 
  9. have i grown to hear the healing of the stars?

    I get that feeling right after the first cup of coffee
  10. Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane

    Things just go from bad to worse in that area. This really could spiral out of control quickly.
  11. Why I'm Canadian.... Why are you?

    I never said Canada has an saintly past, nor did I imply it. In fact, I clearly stated the exact opposite. Canada has done some pretty horrible things. All I'm saying is that comparing terrorist Jihadists to the Canadian gov't is an overstatement. Just my two cents though, feel free to disagree.
  12. TSN Grades the Canucks

    C's & B's get degrees...
  13. Why I'm Canadian.... Why are you?

    Oh I see, there's no way I could know how bad life can be because nothing bad has ever happened to me. You don't know me, you don't know what I've been through, & I know for a fact I don't know what you've been through...but I never made any such claims.   Let me break this down for you - you have no idea what others have been through until you've talked to them, gotten to know them, heard their stories. Nobody brought up race but you.   Oh, & from the perspective of someone who has been beaten, yeah I'll take a childhood of abuse over getting my head cut off. I do get to make that statement.
  14. Why I'm Canadian.... Why are you?

    Let's take a second & read that article & realize that the Church of England and Canada are not the same thing, & given Canada's political power internationally at the time, Canada wasn't even a sovereign nation, the government were hardly calling the shots at those schools. I'm not trying to defend anything the gov't has done in regards to Native peoples during Canada's history, but put things in perspective when people are getting their goddamn heads cut off for having a different religion, or mowed down with machine gun fire for sipping coffee. If you think they're one & the same, there's probably nothing I can say to change your mind.