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  1. Wish granted! You have now been turned into a single cell organism who, lacking a central nervous system, is unable to feel stress. I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat & a '6-4 Impala
  2. "This is it, the best time. No other time has been as great as this time, and will never be as great as I am. People always tell me I'm doing the best, and they're right. But some people, and we all know these types of people, we've all met them before, they just can't handle the fact that I'm the best. They're trying to weasel & worm me out, and it's ugly & it's pathetic, just like they're pathetic losers who can't do what I do. Nobody can, & nobody will. I'm the most intelligent, the most brainy, and it's almost unbelievable how intelligent I am. I almost can't believe it myself." - Dennis Upstage Despite the awe inspiring greatness of the Commander-In-Chief, there are those who seek to unravel & undo his great works, to dismantle his legacy. Perhaps they are indeed working toward the greater good, but for now these folks are known by a very cringe-worthy pejorative: Whistleblower. Seeking to usurp the Commander-In-Chief, these dissidents use any and all available means to that end. But the Commander-In-Chief is not alone...his support is vast, not only amongst the uneducated rabble that flock to his conventions, but the powerful & influential as well. These people are known as Loyalists. Sure, there's been scandal...people have been grabbed & groped, corruption seems to spill from every orifice, cocaine was a part of the campaign, & combovers a way of life...but is any of this reason to usurp the Commander-In-Chief? Only time will tell. Sign Ups are open. Roles will be decided based on player numbers. 1. 112 2. Master Radishes 3. luckylager 4. Stamkos 5. hoggers 6. DarthMelvin 7. AlainVigneault
  3. Honestly...Imma doubt you til I see your faction, cuz I'm gettin' a real deep wolf vibe off you
  4. So does anyone actually use fabric softener, & is it as luxurious as they say?
  5. You are just that good, and it makes me wary Unvote, Vote DM
  6. Unvote, Vote Ceres I wanna see him light me up in the DPS
  7. Hoggers said the same thing to me. I'm just a suspicious dude.
  8. Hot Take... Lucky, Ceres, Hoggers. Ladies and gentlemen, I submit...the Mafia Team. Think about it...Lucky is ridiculously scummy in the 1st, Ceres helps lead the lynch. Wolf. Then Ceres pulls "The Letter", a brilliant plot that's placed shade upon himself...ALL THE WHILE Hoggers wages a steady, & persistent case against Ceres, and receives a letter himself! If Ceres hangs and flips wolf, Hoggers is a cleared Deep Wolf. Ditto for the man they call "Cutest Creature of Certain Sections of the Sea". Ceres. Fight me.
  9. BJ claiming a thunderdome between himself & Ceres is super risky if he's maf, no? If he gets lynched, what would have been achieved? Vote MH