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  1. You guys wanna hear a fuxkin' siiiiiiiiick Mariachi Band?????
  2. Actual footage of @falcon45ca playing Mafia
  3. Actual footage of @Beluga Whale saving CDC Mafia from itself
  4. I can't stop ordering clothes online! Most of them fit me, and that's fine...I'll never wear them outside, cuz I think it's disrespectful to our national textile industry to wear clothing that was assembled in a foreign land. But I can't help it! I'm addicted to the low low prices & free shipping. The real problem is the clothes that DON'T fit me....I have real reservations about returning online purchases, I don't want to put my return address on the package in case someone steals my identity. So.....I burn the clothes. Which isn't so bad, except the pollution...there's a lot of black smoke & my neighbor has PTSD & Chron's disease, so the smoke is really bad for her. She never asks me to stop, but once I hear her on the toilet, I know it's because of my clothing fire. I try to burn the clothes as fast as possible, so I find dumping large amounts of kerosene on the clothes really helps...but then I get all woozy! Oh well, that's the price we pay for haute couture I guess.
  5. GG all, thanks for hosting @J-23! Great job @Aladeen @Alain Vigneault @BoKnows, well deserved win. Who's hosting next?
  6. Cool, so BKs the expendable one on your Maf team? Gotcha.
  7. Haha, DM pushed hard last RD & claimed a red peek on his teammate?
  8. Guys, I've been playing so much Skyrim my virginity grew back
  9. Since I'm gonna get MKd, can ya'll do me a solid and lynch my Red Peek investigation? Yeeting is for sissies.
  10. Nobody's safe with DM running amok
  11. Everyone note that Qwags ignores BK's vote for Z, and just blames LL & Al
  12. BK, then Qwags. It's the play of the day.
  13. Vote BK folks, guaranteed Maf hit.
  14. Am I? Please refer to even one instance in my entire Maf playing history where I have claimed a fake investiagtion.