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  1. I dont see what Lafreniere has to do with dumping salaries that wont be on the cap when his elc is up. Even if JB were dumb enough to trade Lafreniere it would get vetoed immediately by Franky so its kind of a non starter.
  2. I'm personally not overly optimistic Nik will ever wear the scowling orca again. Though I would love to have him. Maybe 3rd pairing of Rafferty Tryamkin Could be a good opportunity for both of them to prove they deserve quality NHL minutes.
  3. Leave Brittany alone. I think people forget that hockey players are human beings too. Not just hockey robots built to entertain us. Kid is probably just having one last hurrah before entering quarantine bubble stand down. I'm more concerned with that growth on his upper lip that is a very poor display of decision making.
  4. but if he had would we have missed on Pete, Hughes?
  5. Very happy to see Kim St Pierre I think its ok to say she was an absolute beast! This one time.
  6. How many positive tests will it take to cancel the playoffs?
  7. I'm happy to see him get recognition I think he was quite underrated for a while. Mind you I think Virtanen will likely blossom in the east I'm not overly eager to trade him unless the return is grade A.
  8. Probably. Nice list. Interesting to see the stock still so high on Bowan Byram after his serious injury set him back a bit this season. Not that I'm knocking him but #3 seems high given the circumstance. https://www.tsn.ca/russian-players-dominate-top-spots-in-tsn-s-ranking-of-nhl-affiliated-prospects-1.1424251
  9. To Florida Jake Virtanen To Van Denisenko I feel with Toffoli coming in and really building chem with the group and Podkolzin comming. Virtanen may be the odd man out. Could Virtanen fetch a prospect of Denisenko's caliber? I feel like if we trade Jake I really want to swing for the fences on the return as 225lb guys who skate like him, hit, and can snipe just entering their prime are a rare unicorn.
  10. Maybe the overager Yegor Sokolov will be there for a late pick gamble!
  11. top 10 Markstrom Pete Miller Hughes Horvat Edler Tanev Boeser Virtanen Gaudette
  12. I say you carry a large D1ldo on you at all times and if anyone bullies you #hammertime
  13. 26 Tryamkin is over the hill be lucky to get league min.