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  1. He wouldn't sign for small Tatars. I'll see myself out.
  2. I like where you are going with this Ott would be a viable landing place for Edler. However I don't think you get all that for Edler. Maybe something along the lines of. To Ott: Edler To Van: Phagoof
  3. I dono why they are waiting so long this one should be easy 5.3m x 5 it's not too much money for him to grow into and he will be peaking right when he goes ufa If he deserves a raise he will get it in spades.
  4. I think our team Identity will have quite alot to do with relentless puck persuit. Petersson Lind and Dahlen are 3 dogged puck hounds say what you will about Virtanen but he creates a ton of turnovers. Horvats offence stems through turnovers. Goldy is a breakaway machine. Jonah is gonna grease it up. I would think its safe to say the Canucks will be creating havok on opposing teams breakouts and especially D trying to walk our blue line.
  5. I would have to think obtaining a playoff birth in 3 years is possible but competing for the cup will take longer. The Sedins will no longer be on the roster. If we are being realistic.
  6. I would like Green if we have the chance during the season to try a shutdown line of Gaunce Sutter Dorse then open it up for the kids to run and gun I don't imagine they will succeed but would be worth while experiment maybe when Virtanen earns a callup. Let teams cop a feel of our "Bust Line" Virtanen Burmistrov Goldobin.
  7. This is our lineup the way I see it. Bae Bo Boeser Dank Hank Gagner Granny Baton Rouge Eriksson Dorse Burmestrov Goldy depth: Gaunce, Rodin, Boucher Eagle Stetcher BHutt Tanev MDZ Gud depth: Wiercioch, Holm, Biega Markstrom Nilsson Homer glasses or not I cant see the Canucks finishing above 26th in the league. Maybe we move up in the draft lotto this year. We most certainly have better odds at 1st oa 2018 than the Cup.
  8. JVR Marner + 2nd for Tanev + Subban
  9. Sbisa would do well in TO. Watch what you say.
  10. This seems so hilariously implausible. If the deal was actually with TO It would Indeed have to be over payment. I have no desire to move Tanev now however the price considering TO's cap should be an over payment on their side. To Van: Liljegren Martin JVR 3rd To TO: Tanev Bae Then we flip JVR at the deadline for pix of course.
  11. I fear if Horvat gets the 6m+ x whatever he will quickly go from golden boy to whipping boy as soon as he hits a rough patch. People will be saying he has hands of stone etc. BO has been the only thing to get excited about in this town for a while but he's not a franchise player he's a role player albeit a good one. If I were him I would take less now and less term something like 4.5x4years if 4 years from now his play warrants 7-8 m so be it at least you know what your buying the potential has been reached. We will have sucked for long enough at that point we will have the supporting cast of a contender still on ELCs. No need to be Paying Horvat up front for potential now.
  12. With what money? They spent to the cap already.