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  1. What blame JB made arguably the best trade of the TDL. It's on the team not him if they dont make the playoffs. He gave them the tools not his fault Markstrom got injured after the trade.
  2. Motte is a beast. Hes probably the hardest working player on the ice. No slight to Leivo who I think was a great pickup but I want to keep the guy who hits everything in sight blocks every puck hes in front of and hustles every stride. Shades of Burrows when he entered the league.
  3. I'm certainly not fear mongering I'm just trying to keep my expectations realistic. I think it would be fool hearty to place him on a pairing with Hughes out of the gate. Maybe if he earns a spot there and proves he is in shape enough to play those minutes. But I'm certainly not penciling him there now. the canucks having a bunch of bananas out weighs not having a bunch of bananas. I certainly want Tryamkin to return and I'm excited for that possibility but my expectations are tempered.
  4. I would fire Green on the spot. Hughes Tanev can't touch this Edler Stetcher they have chem Tryamkin Myers Is the only thing I want to see experimented.
  5. I dont understand how that's relevant. it doesn't help if he just lobs the puck the length of the ice though
  6. Honestly I'm not sure we need him icing the puck every time he touches it. I think I would prefer Stetcher in the 6 hole.
  7. we dont have a single russian player. not sure how hes going to feel comming here?
  8. Pull yourselfs together nucks fans. This is a good opportunity for us to see how Demko performs in meaningful games and to see how the team comes together to support him. If this team misses the playoffs then we have seen what we need to see to make the right changes going forward. If they pull together and make it into the show then we go in with a full head of steam!
  9. meh I think it's over blown. Stetcher isnt exactly a defensive stalwart. sure hes better defensively than Barrie but offensively there is no comparison. Hughes shouldn't be asked to play 27min playoff games someone else needs to be a driver from the back end.
  10. Hughes Tanev Edler Barrie Myers XXXX what's not to like?
  11. PP1 Miller Pete Toffy Hughes Barrie PP2 Pearson Bo Brock Edler Myers D pairings Hughes Tanev Edler Barrie Fanta Myers I think it could work in our favor. if the price is Stetcher Baer + B prospect I'd do it.