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  1. I agree, I'm hoping LaPlante gets a good look at training camp and keeps improving so he is a call up during the season. Looking forward to seeing him in Vancouver.
  2. How about Brent Sutter?
  3. We are in dire need one more gritty forward. Preferably one who likes to fight and wins most of them...
  4. With Rodin's accomplishments Rodin was signed to play. In preseason he did a great job considering he was injured. Rodin has the ability to develop into a strong top six NHLer in the next couple years. One has to find a way to get him into the line-up. If he then plays himself to the press box, so be it. If the Canucks don't give him the chance, someone else will next year, and the Canucks will lose a good asset.
  5. Willie has to give this guy a shot and find a way for him to crack the line-up. MVP in Sweden last year, looked good in preseason while being injured, We have a year to see what we have in this guy, and if we don't take advantage of it, someone will take him next year and we will lose a good asset. If developed properly Anton has the potential to be a points leader on this team. Anyone remember a Swede wearing #19 that we got from the Penguins because they gave up on him? I realize we have some young guys and role players we need to keep in the line-up, but we could rotate guys in and out of the line up as we match up against competing teams - make it happen Willie, I have confidence you can figure out how to make this happen.
  6. Is Rodin playing, and why didn't he play the last game? I'm assuming he was a healthy scratch. Thanks
  7. I was a big supporter of Willie. I was hopeful he would adapt, as he has done so before in every league he has coached. Doug was one of the canucks all time top defensemen. So, when he was named assistant coach, with his history of working with Willie, I was expecting really good results. Tie all this in with Jim's ability to recognize and evaluate talent, prospects for the Canucks couldn't have been better. To bad both gentlemen couldn't adapt to their new roles. The Canucks need to make further changes and it will have to start at the top of the organization. There are no stars on this team. They need to out work the opposition and have proper structure or they will loose most games. Merry Christmas and I hope they turn it around.
  8. Unfortunately Willie has not adapted to the NHL was quickly as one would have thought. It seems like he will never be able to make the jump sometimes. Decisions like putting Baertschi on the point on the powerplay shows a lack of basic understanding of the game at the NHL level. If one wants to be an elite team, coaches can not make these mistakes. Defense men play defense for a reason. One has to develop the defensemen to play on the powerplay, as one develops players on other aspects of the game. A coach must develop a style that fits the players he has. Then, he has instruct the players and coaches on how to play that style. The current Canuck team is very inconsistent, lack discipline and structure to any particular style of play. The fault for this falls directly on the coach. As far as Jim, his lack of skill in dealing with the media has really hurt his credibility with some of the other GM's in the league. His lack of ability to get some prospects or draft picks at the trading deadline when the team should obviously be rebuilding was disappointing. Jim's decision to sign Eriksson to the 6 year contract he gave him showed a real lack of understanding when evaluating talent compared to a players contract. Most of the elite management realize developing a top team comes through the draft, trades, and picking up UFA's when they can be obtained for a bargain. Jim's drafting decisions will be only known after time. However, passing on Tkachuk because he thought he needed a young defense prospect rather than a forward, is a miss- guided use of a top draft pick. Draft picks should be used to take the top players available after careful evaluation. Then the coaches help develop these players to help reach their potential. One will not develop a top team by drafting for position. I really like the Canuck coaches and management. However, at this point, Canuck ownership should look to improve the manager and coaches with ones who have a better understanding of what is needed to develop and lead a team at the NHL level. Getting personnel that have experience in a top organization would be preferable.
  9. Too funny... I hope the guy who started this thread is a Canuck hater, because if he's serious he's got some major mental health issues.