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  1. Vote for Hassli on ESPN Best vs Best come on CDC, do your thing!
  2. and vs the union. in my humble opinion, we haven't looked much better than our team last year when we are on the road. I am getting a little concerned about this year, but I think I am getting attached to much to how they played the game before. I am sure that if they beat Chivas, I will be confident they are making the play-offs, even if Chivas is someone we should beat.
  3. hopefully that is sooner rather than later.
  4. I certainly hope we are better than our record, but I am fearing one thing, and that is that we aren't actually that good, but that the players are able to feed off of the energy of the home crowds. The 3 home games, we have been filled with energy, and seemed like they would run though a brick wall for the fans, whereas both the away games, they have seemed average at best. If that is true, I am quite worried, but also kinda proud...
  5. so, is Harris the most useless player on the starting XI now? The media was in love with him for scoring his 2 goals, but they were the easiest of goals. I guess the same could be same about Hassli, but at least he seems dangerous (perhaps for both teams) when he is on the field. I personally think that Harris is the fourth best striker we have right now, that's right, I have seen more from Salgado in his preseason play when he was along side with Harris, then I have seen in every moment of Harris this season.
  6. golly.. we made it like, 45min into the season healthy? I am not excited what our team will look like come late October...
  7. I am not very good at research, but I have heard about how small the MLS is in contrast to other, global leagues. Which makes me happy that we have 2 6'4" strikers. If we can have them both on the field at the same time, we will be very dangerous to deal with on crosses into the box.
  8. Omar Salgado Available for Selection !!!
  9. I am listening to the assistant manager, manager and foreman talk about how idiotic everyone at my work is.
  10. would he just be coming for the rookie camp? or is there any possibility he could stay for main camp?
  11. banned everyone for being too active in this thread
  12. Banned for not noticing you asked to be banned for the reason I gave
  13. Banned for your post before your last.
  14. something else I am liking about him, is that he has 3 goals and 3 assists. Playmaking is very important for a good team (just ask the flames) But he is also not just using his teammates by scoring just as much as he is setting them up.
  15. Maybe it is just because he is playing with better players, but maybe is it a possibility that he is better suited as a winger?