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  1. Looking to bring a group (20+ fans) to a Canucks game? Call 604.899.4625

    1. Gunner Garrison

      Gunner Garrison

      whats the deal/catch?

  2. Single game tickets are now on sale through www.ticketmaster.ca

  3. Hi, i'm from Denmark, and will be in vancouver on the 16th of november. can you help me to where I can buy single game tickets for the home-game that day. I can't find the game tickets on ticketmaster.ca

    please help me.

  4. Round 3 Tickets have been released through Ticketmaster!

    1. sorbbsorbobo


      where the canucks usually practise?

    2. sorbbsorbobo


      where the canucks usually practise?

    3. pghockeyguy


      Does the single seat ticket sale mean there will only be random individual seats for sale? no groups of 2 or 4?

  5. Visit www.canucks.com/primeseatclub for tickets to sold out games down the stretch!

  6. Is it possible to get a copy of the U2 intro song with the siren in it?

  7. Canucks Group Tickets available for March 1st and March 3rd - Call 604.899.GOAL to book!

  8. Canucks group tickets available for December 5th, 8th, and 15th - Call 604.899.GOAL for more information!

  9. Canucks group tickets available for October 11th - Call 604.899.GOAL

  10. Canucks regular season tickets on sale on Friday September 10th through Ticketmaster

  11. Canucks pre-season tickets on sale on Friday September 3rd through Ticketmaster

  12. Training camp is just around the corner

  13. another season in the books. Looking forward to next year.

    1. janelle1717


      Do you know when the pre-season 21st SEPT game tickets go on sale? I live in New Zealand and REALLY want to go when we are back in CAnada. Any ideas?

    2. Dawei


      When do regular season tickets go on sale? Thanks

    3. Aaqil


      The regular season on sale date has not yet been set, but it will occur sometime in early September. Check canucks.com for updates.

  14. How do I get Canucks autographs? I really want to play poker with Roberto Luongo. Maybe you guys could have some fundraiser for Canucks Place where the players and fans get to play poker with each other. :D

  15. Welcome to CDC! I'll try not to flame you too much!!