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  1. Svenjamin! He’s gonna kill it this year.
  2. He's been a Canuck for as long as I can remember being a fan. I feel thankful to have been able to watch him play for all of these years, and has definitely been an inspiration to many people, including myself. Best of luck Burr, go win that cup.
  3. Lol what's with that carpet? After the first three pictures, I thought this was some kind of joke link... And it's not... Yikes.
  4. Same here. Overall the update sucks... Why NHL, whyy.
  5. Ok ok, sweet. Ahhh so nervous.
  6. Guys, I'm scared...
  7. That Etem goal basically cost us a top 3 franchise player. Something that will have a HUGE impact on the team for years to come. But no, they win a few unnecessary games, making sure that we don't get that pick, the one thing that could go right this year. Just scrap the season already, it's over. Next year will be a fresh start. This is incredibly frustrating. As a fan, I want what's best for my team, and it's just so sad to see a season totally go to waste.
  8. I laughed out loud. Thank you.
  9. Emelin hipchecked him in the face. Head snapped back... Didn't look good at all.
  10. (^ credz to Toni Zamboni for the slogan)
  11. ha, I didn't even fall for it!