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  1. Oblivion 8/10 It was better than I expected.
  2. People still watch this garbage? This show continues to dig itself into a deeper hole. Monday's episode was poorly written. I can't fathom why I even bothered giving this show another chance. Barney and Robyn - how predictable. Yawn. Ted is a self-loathing individual whom is too high-maintenance. himym has greatly digressed from the shows main premise. Listen up kids as I tell you the story of how I tracked down the Slutty Pumpkin. - Truly Ted deserves a father of the year award.
  3. Ted and Robin just don't work together. We know by now that she's not the mother, and that by previous episodes, she's referred to as "Aunt Robin". This just leaves Barney and Robin. I'm keeping my fingers crossed here and hoping that they don't start up again.
  4. Ted Mosby has had little to no progression throughout the series seven years. He is, however, marvellous at stalling. Introducing an old flame to ignite sparks in his love life is a temporary fix. A comparison could easily be made between a child and a lollypop. Barney has something that Ted doesn't. The only drawbacks to this series is the level of acting both Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris bring to this show. Both of those men are brilliant actors. I also find the relationship between Barney and Wendy to be more entertaining than any relationship Ted has been involved in.
  5. You take one step forward, and two steps back. While I've said this before, I find Lily's character to be one-track minded. Her only real concern is for herself and when asked on a whim to help throw a party for Marshall's clients, she decides to skip town, and take a trip to Spain. And unless I'm mistaken, with the time-line, why would she take a trip on a whim, ditching her responsibilities as an educator, to go to Spain? To me, that doesn't make sense. On a lighter note, I liked how Barney managed to get marinara sauce on his silk suit pajamas, while under the blankets
  6. I enjoyed last nights episode. I do agree that the ending of the episode was rather predictable. I wonder how long their relationship will last.
  7. I would say that's more a 'pulling on strings' notion. I believe Ted already has the incentive of becoming a better father based on his relationship with his own parents.
  8. That has been the presumed assumption since I don't generally agree with the majority. However, the death of Marshal's father was such a.. unnecessary action taken by the writers. Marshal's father played such a minor, and insignificant role in the seires that on a whole, I don't understand why this episode was needed. And yes, I do believe Smallville is a step ahead in terms of overall character development. When Jonathan Kent died, it meant something. Firstly, because he was the father of the main character, Clark Kent, and secondly because Jonathan Kent was a season regular up until his death. This series has taken on the classic pattern of "one step forward and two steps back". Go back and rewatch the episode where Marhal and Lily discuss naming their child. By the end of the episode, nothing has been changed. I've been noticing that a lot more this season.
  9. Once again you're jumping to conclusions. Your whole justification for targeting me individually is based on your own misconceptions. You are also rather quick to label me with terms such as "Elitist Pessimist", "Jaded Individual", and well, most lately "Pretentious Little S...". Please, by all means, continue on. And you wonder why I don't think highly of you?. Please, by all means, feel free to start acting your own age. Your comments have only further gotten out of hand. Finally, if I must remind you, I post in this thread once a week. My posts only critique the show and not the other individuals of the thread. I offer my opinion such as anyone else would. However, as I normally tend to disagree with the majority, you take it upon yourself to attack me. Again, for no apparent reason.
  10. Who exactly are we talking about right now, me or you? Not once have I lashed out, or spoken down to anybody in this thread. Instead, I've offered my own critique on the recent episodes. However, my critique, for the most part, is met with immature remarks, hoping to entice me in to responding negatively towards you. You have been remained rather constant on flaming/following every post I make in this thread. And the moment I post something you happen to disagree with, you're there with a unsophisticated response. You've kept that up quite well now. Time and time again you have shown to me that your immaturity knows no bounds. I really do find your remarks to be quite comical. Do you have to keep reminding yourself that? It seems rather flawed logic, if you ask me. I'm rather shocked that you are questioning my morality and empathy towards the death of Marshal's father. May I remind you that it was not too long ago that you were making light of the death of an individual person, someone who had just lost their life. I'm sorry, but you have no ground to stand on to question me on this matter.
  11. Once again, refer to the title of the show, How I Met Your Mother. The show is in its sixth season and there has been enough time allotted to the character development of Barney, Marshal, Lily and Robyn. However, they have spent little time focusing on Ted's character this season. And that is where I think the show has gone wrong. They are spending too much time focusing on the other side characters, and little time on Ted.
  12. Once again you've managed to come up with another non-constructive post. The last I checked, this thread was for the discussion of the show "How I Met Your Mother". Therefore, any and all comments are welcome. Whether or not said posters are in favor of the series, or of a episode. What you have shown to me, time and time again, is that you are incapable of taking comments or criticism. Rather, your response to anyone who openly disagrees with you is to make idiotic remarks. Your immaturity clearly knows no bounds. Now, if you would be so kind, get back on topic. Friends was the story of five individuals living in New York. Therefore, side-story lines, and shows which centered around each of the main cast were expected. HIMYM is the story of how Ted Mosby meets his future wife, as he tells the story to the children. It's been six seasons and we know little about the mother. And yes, I feel they have taken their time in regards to that whole progression. I never once said I dislike the show, there are episodes I enjoy. However, as we have past the mid season point in season six, they have done nothing but milk their popularity. And for that, I'm disappointed because most of these episodes are rather, well, uncomical.
  13. It still comes as a surprise to me that nobody here can take criticism. It shouldn't come as a surprise to me that not a single person in this thread could actually critique my post. Instead, you've chosen to jump to insults, or giving me negative rep. Nothing in this world is all rainbows and butterflies, sunshine and lollipops. I'm not going to lie for your benefit, I'm going to continue to give my honest opinion. To be honest I would argue that Smallville is more enjoyable than How I Met Your Mother. Unlike Smallville, HIMYM is taking it's sweet time in advancing the storyline. It pays less attention to the major character, and more attention to side-characters. The show, after all, is called "How I Met Your Mother". However, HIMYM has succeeded in milking it's audience, and riding off its popularity. At least with Smallville, the character development and character progression was handled much more smoothly.
  14. What was the point of your post? You're not even contributing to the thread. The episode was quite predictable from start to finish. I didn't find it the least bit entertaining. Now, the least you could have done is offer a valid response. Which, once again, you've failed to do. Thanks?