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  1. Um, many, many, many people slammed the Republicans for introducing the Patriot Act. I think after being President for six years it's more than fair to slam Obama for the same thing, after all he did sign extensions to the act, something he originally campaigned against before he became President. If you don't know what type of President Obama is by now then I feel sorry for you. He isn't about the people, being progressive, liberal, or open-minded. That was only part of the image that was successfully created for him. I hate wolves, but a wolf in sheep's clothing (which is what Obama is) is still a wolf.
  2. It's an interesting concept that will one day come to pass, once more and more jobs become redundant due to technology and other factors, but I'm not convinced that it's feasible at this point in time. The research that I've done into a universal guaranteed basic income is not entirely convincing. One of the studies that is often cited as "proof" that it works is from the 1970s in rural Manitoba did not satisfactorily in my mind answer the impact of such a public policy. It used vague quality terms to suggest that, because of the guaranteed basic income, health and social outcomes were better (which is not surprising). Anyways, I think before I can support such an idea more pilot projects need to be completed in Canada and elsewhere that demonstrate that it would be a sound policy for government to pursue. I'm not sure how anyone who is in favour of guaranteed basic income could argue against further pilot tests to demonstrate that it is indeed beneficial. Another concern I have with the idea of guaranteed basic income is that many of the people I've discussed the idea with suggest it will completely replace all current social services. It's only logically to assume that with guaranteed basic income there will be less of a demand for social services but I can't agree that there would be no demand for them. Certainly, as one example, those who suffer from mental illness or drug addictions may not be capable of sufficiently allocating their resources to provide for their fundamentals of life and then what? Do we just leave them to die on the street? I think every human being, marginalized and otherwise, can contribute to society in their own way. Instinctively I don't like the idea of a guaranteed basic income because it will create more people who are dependent on the state for their lives. In an ideal world I think everyone would be safe and find a purpose in their lives but I'm not sure if guaranteed basic income gets us closer or further away from that goal. At the very least more research and test projects need to be done to convince me of both the benefit and feasibility of a guaranteed basic income before I can start to consider to support the idea.
  3. Benning vs Gillis

    As of today Benning has a 100% winning percentage while General Manager of the Vancouver Canucks therefore I'd give the edge to him until that changes. (Sarcasm)
  4. The I Support BC Teachers thread

    So class size was addressed with this deal right guys? Because every "negotiation" one of the two sides claim to have the interests of the kids and the system at heart. I just couldn't understand if it wasn't addressed this time since one side made it such an issue in the mind of the public. Surely they wouldn't just take the money and run? Oh maybe the teachers have given up on that issue and won't raise it the next time they are seeking a monetary raise. After all these are the people who are responsible for the welfare and future of our children. They can't be dirty and political like the government they claim to oppose on principle.
  5. Moving to Langley. Questions (Discussion)

    It's your typical growing suburbia. I don't live there but wouldn't be adverse to the area. I think Langley probably has the best shopping south of the Fraser River if that's something that matters to you. I've been to a couple things at the Langley Event Centre and had a nice enough experience.
  6. Gillis' daughter Kate on what life was like

    I wanted Gillis fired but in what way was he a bumbling idiot? He was very articulate and wouldn't have got far in life as a agent or lawyer had he not been. There are many criticisms that can be levied against the guy but bumbling idiot isn't one of them.
  7. Where is the accountability for Botchford and other members of the hockey media in Vancouver? This isn't the first time he's fabricated stuff regarding the Canucks and yet he's employed by TSN and The Province (and occasionally Team1040). He's a parasitic asshole who needs to be held accountable for making up lies outright. He deleted the tweets quietly without comment of course when the Benning quote came out contradicting what he reported. This is definitely a black spot on this hockey market. It's the media playing the fans to create controversy that doesn't exist. Spiraling it out of control when it does. I hope the guy is fired sooner rather than later.
  8. Bye bye Markstrom! [proposoal]

    I concur but conversely the proposals here completely over value Canuck players and undervalue players on opposing teams. Like another poster said before me you won't get a star prospect or player for a B grade prospect and other 3rd line players who would also need to waive a NTC to allow the trade. Once a player has a NTC all bets are off as far as moving them in the future (as we've seen with Luongo, Kesler and Garrison recently). The most realistic trade I can see happening now is Lack + Hansen to Winnipeg. Even then the return won't be anywhere close to Kane. Lack will be 30 years old by the time Miller's deal in Vancouver expires so he is hardly the goalie of the future now that we have Miller. Hansen's significant other is from Winnipeg and he spent time there during his playing days with the Moose so it should reason that he might be open to being traded there should he be asked. What will these two players yield in return? Not much probably. It's a buyers market right now on goalies with Reimer, Brodeur, Thomas, etc. looking for work. I would think a 2nd round pick and a prospect in return at best.
  9. Bye bye Markstrom! [proposoal]

    Reminds me of the Raymond + Ballard proposals for Shea Weber. Go post this on HF boards and see the reaction. You aren't going to get quality back for a bunch of spare parts.
  10. Schroeder fell from being a top 15 pick in 2009 and now we aren't going to qualify him. Who is going to replace them? Like it or not this team isn't contending any time soon and no magical run is happening like in '94. We don't have a Bure and the league is much different now than it was then. Delusional to think that we can win the Cup with this team through free agency.
  11. A mechanic totaled my mom's car, How should I proceed?

    To update everyone who has responded... - A semi truck reversed into my mom's car, while the mechanic was driving, and did considerable damage - The semi truck driver took full responsibility for the collision and exchanged info with the mechanic - There was a witness who also provided contact information to the mechanic - The mechanic still was using the car for his personal errands at the time - My mom went and saw the car and said the damage was substantial - My mom then phoned the semi truck driver and asked him what happened, he verified what the mechanic said for the most part but said he drove away from the scene (after the mechanic had said to my mom that the car was totaled) - The following morning my mom went with the mechanic and filed an accident report with ICBC, she was given a courtesy car, and is waiting to hear back from ICBC who will determine the extent of the damage, etc. All in all it seems I was hasty to assume that he was trying to pull a scam, even though he did use the car for his personal errands which is undoubtedly unprofessional. I jumped to conclusions based on the limited information I had and how upset my mother appeared to me made me protective. This issue is far from settled but I'm happy that it looks like my mom wasn't the direct target of a scam. At this point my mom is just waiting to hear back from ICBC.
  12. A mechanic totaled my mom's car, How should I proceed?

    She's done business with the company for awhile but I believe it's small and family operated, not a big chain.
  13. A mechanic totaled my mom's car, How should I proceed?

    Last time I talked to my mom she was on her way to see it. Thank you everyone who replied constructively, I appreciate it.
  14. A mechanic totaled my mom's car, How should I proceed?

    There are unfortunately and I have just shared what I know. I know it's imperative to act decisively in these situations so that my mom's best interests are protected. I posted this here because I just wanted to pool people's knowledge and experience, every little bit might help. I've been a driver for 10 years, never had a ticket or accident so I don't have much experience dealing with this.
  15. A mechanic totaled my mom's car, How should I proceed?

    I can't phone ICBC for a car that's not in my name or that I have any direct responsibility over. I was just asking this community for advice because I felt through conversations with a family member that they were being taken advantage of and thought that maybe people who have had a similar experience might have some worthwhile advice. If you think this is a waste of time don't spend your time responding buddy.