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  1. Um, many, many, many people slammed the Republicans for introducing the Patriot Act. I think after being President for six years it's more than fair to slam Obama for the same thing, after all he did sign extensions to the act, something he originally campaigned against before he became President. If you don't know what type of President Obama is by now then I feel sorry for you. He isn't about the people, being progressive, liberal, or open-minded. That was only part of the image that was successfully created for him. I hate wolves, but a wolf in sheep's clothing (which is what Obama is) is still a wolf.
  2. It's an interesting concept that will one day come to pass, once more and more jobs become redundant due to technology and other factors, but I'm not convinced that it's feasible at this point in time. The research that I've done into a universal guaranteed basic income is not entirely convincing. One of the studies that is often cited as "proof" that it works is from the 1970s in rural Manitoba did not satisfactorily in my mind answer the impact of such a public policy. It used vague quality terms to suggest that, because of the guaranteed basic income, health and social outcomes were better (which is not surprising). Anyways, I think before I can support such an idea more pilot projects need to be completed in Canada and elsewhere that demonstrate that it would be a sound policy for government to pursue. I'm not sure how anyone who is in favour of guaranteed basic income could argue against further pilot tests to demonstrate that it is indeed beneficial. Another concern I have with the idea of guaranteed basic income is that many of the people I've discussed the idea with suggest it will completely replace all current social services. It's only logically to assume that with guaranteed basic income there will be less of a demand for social services but I can't agree that there would be no demand for them. Certainly, as one example, those who suffer from mental illness or drug addictions may not be capable of sufficiently allocating their resources to provide for their fundamentals of life and then what? Do we just leave them to die on the street? I think every human being, marginalized and otherwise, can contribute to society in their own way. Instinctively I don't like the idea of a guaranteed basic income because it will create more people who are dependent on the state for their lives. In an ideal world I think everyone would be safe and find a purpose in their lives but I'm not sure if guaranteed basic income gets us closer or further away from that goal. At the very least more research and test projects need to be done to convince me of both the benefit and feasibility of a guaranteed basic income before I can start to consider to support the idea.
  3. As of today Benning has a 100% winning percentage while General Manager of the Vancouver Canucks therefore I'd give the edge to him until that changes. (Sarcasm)
  4. So class size was addressed with this deal right guys? Because every "negotiation" one of the two sides claim to have the interests of the kids and the system at heart. I just couldn't understand if it wasn't addressed this time since one side made it such an issue in the mind of the public. Surely they wouldn't just take the money and run? Oh maybe the teachers have given up on that issue and won't raise it the next time they are seeking a monetary raise. After all these are the people who are responsible for the welfare and future of our children. They can't be dirty and political like the government they claim to oppose on principle.
  5. It's your typical growing suburbia. I don't live there but wouldn't be adverse to the area. I think Langley probably has the best shopping south of the Fraser River if that's something that matters to you. I've been to a couple things at the Langley Event Centre and had a nice enough experience.
  6. That isn't exactly a scientific poll. Anecdotally a lot of people that I've tried to talk to about this issue are completely apathetic but when pressed for which side they fall on they rally against the teachers for a variety of reasons. Don't forget the best polling companies available predicted a landslide NDP win in the last provincial election and the next day, when they were wrong, tried to pretend like they knew it was going to happen all along. I personally think our public education system at the secondary school level needs a lot of reform that includes higher wages for teachers. But I can't support a union that did not negotiate in good faith as was proven by the memo leaked to the public in March of this year. If I was the government I would offer them increases monetarily but indirectly, keeping the wage levels the same. More money to hire new teachers and create new facilities in crowded districts (like Surrey), more money towards extracurricular programs that encourage students growing up today to live healthy and happy lifestyles (sports, music, art, etc.). Undoubtedly the BCTF would balk at such an offer and thereby lose public support. At the end of the day there is only so many ways the government can slice the pie. Healthcare is a huge burden for the provincial government and might be unsustainable. In an ideal world our education system needs a complete reform that would include higher wages for teachers but the key people in the BCTF are only out for higher wages and that does not alone fix the problem.
  7. Well that's cute but really it's not that simple. Obviously there are many more teachers across the province and country than there are politicians. Secondly it's a 24/7 job where a success is not guaranteed. There are many qualified politicians who don't hold public office and yet others who are unqualified public who do. Your actions both personal and private will always be the subject of personal discourse when it's of interest to the public regardless of how sensitive the subject matter may be. A young or idealistic person may think that when they get into politics that they will be able to make change or advance issues that they take a personal stake in if they attain office. That is also not the case. There is no room for diversity in politics. A candidate must conform to basically every platform position of their party or lose the support or nomination for said party. Take Trudeau's stance on the Liberal Party not allowing any candidates who are pro-life. Regardless of where you stand on the issue it's not democratic and if the issue was a different one people would be in an uproar (I'm pro choice but that's irrelevant to the point I'm making). The most powerful man in the world, the United States President, campaigned in 2008 on shutting down Guantanamo Bay. Once in office he realized that wasn't as easy a job as he may have thought because of legalities, security concerns, etc. Understand that if there are changes that he can't fulfill even if he wants to what power to evoke change do you think your mayor, MLA, or MP have? Marijuana should have been legalized and regulated years and years ago but Canada has signed binding treaties with other countries and borders the USA which really handcuffs much progress on this issue. People like to give politicians a lot of shit but I guarantee most of the people who do couldn't do a better job than the status quo. They don't even understand the sacrifices both to their lives and principles that politicians have to make in order to be successful in the current system. There isn't one person or movement that has any coherent and substance filled ideas for real change, if there was I'd stand behind it.
  8. The status quo sucks and I don't see any alternative propositions from either sides. The system is inflexible and this thread is filled with the usual bile that can be expected from people who are intolerant and have a vested interested in one side or another. I'm not a teacher and neither is my wife but it's evident that many who have posted in this thread cannot say the same.
  9. Yeah I mean why should Canuck fans whine when we pay another team 15% of a player's salary to take the best goalie this franchise has ever had and might ever have for the remainder of our life times, especially after trading away a franchise goalie in Schneider after Luongo's contract was deemed unmovable. The contract was a mistake and the mistakes have only compounded from there.
  10. Terrible direction and I don't believe even Gillis is that stupid. We need to get younger and not older. We don't trade a 28 year old defenseman for a 34 year old forward.
  11. You're
  12. Okay, deconstruct my argument for me then. Gillis said we have the LEAST amount of NMCs yesterday morning. In a prior morning he said we had the LEAST amount of NTCs. Both are obviously incorrect and not open up to much interpretation. Where is your counter argument grounded in reality? I did my research, there wasn't much to it.
  13. I saw your first post before you edited it. It was on my phone while working, I just didn't have the time to respond. Maybe if I had 12k posts in 5 years I could afford to waste time arguing with people who didn't even listen to the full interview before commenting.
  14. Also you and so many others are quick to defend Gillis BLINDLY despite obviously not even taking the time to listen to the damn interview and be able to discuss the points. You said you agree with my version of what he said now but now before when you resorted to name calling. Do your own damn research. A case of the pot calling the kettle black.
  15. Why would he have meant percentage? He said, "we have the least amount of no movement clauses". LA has 0 percent, you can't have lower than that. You just assume I'm a blind Gillis hater and resort to name calling with your good friend J.R. I don't even think Gillis should be fired. Just pointing out an untruth that he has said in a radio interview twice so far. Have you done any research into why you are a rude and pompous asshole along with so many people on this board?