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  1. Moving to Langley. Questions (Discussion)

    It's your typical growing suburbia. I don't live there but wouldn't be adverse to the area. I think Langley probably has the best shopping south of the Fraser River if that's something that matters to you. I've been to a couple things at the Langley Event Centre and had a nice enough experience.
  2. If Kesler is on his way out how can we realistically make the playoffs next year? Especially considering we have two rookie goalies. Now maybe we sign a veteran goalie and acquire a serviceable second line center through trade or free agency but it seems unlikely. I just really hope this organization is past making shortsighted moves to win with this core. I'm all for trying to make the playoffs every year but we can't trade the future.
  3. [Trade] Canucks Trade Luongo to the Panthers

    Yeah I mean why should Canuck fans whine when we pay another team 15% of a player's salary to take the best goalie this franchise has ever had and might ever have for the remainder of our life times, especially after trading away a franchise goalie in Schneider after Luongo's contract was deemed unmovable. The contract was a mistake and the mistakes have only compounded from there.
  4. Terrible direction and I don't believe even Gillis is that stupid. We need to get younger and not older. We don't trade a 28 year old defenseman for a 34 year old forward.
  5. Gillis on Team 1040 February 6

  6. Gillis on Team 1040 February 6

    Okay, deconstruct my argument for me then. Gillis said we have the LEAST amount of NMCs yesterday morning. In a prior morning he said we had the LEAST amount of NTCs. Both are obviously incorrect and not open up to much interpretation. Where is your counter argument grounded in reality? I did my research, there wasn't much to it.
  7. Gillis on Team 1040 February 6

    I saw your first post before you edited it. It was on my phone while working, I just didn't have the time to respond. Maybe if I had 12k posts in 5 years I could afford to waste time arguing with people who didn't even listen to the full interview before commenting.
  8. Gillis on Team 1040 February 6

    Also you and so many others are quick to defend Gillis BLINDLY despite obviously not even taking the time to listen to the damn interview and be able to discuss the points. You said you agree with my version of what he said now but now before when you resorted to name calling. Do your own damn research. A case of the pot calling the kettle black.
  9. Gillis on Team 1040 February 6

    Why would he have meant percentage? He said, "we have the least amount of no movement clauses". LA has 0 percent, you can't have lower than that. You just assume I'm a blind Gillis hater and resort to name calling with your good friend J.R. I don't even think Gillis should be fired. Just pointing out an untruth that he has said in a radio interview twice so far. Have you done any research into why you are a rude and pompous asshole along with so many people on this board?
  10. Gillis on Team 1040 February 6

    Gillis said before in a morning interview we had the least amount of NTCs which is blatantly untrue. That's what prompted the question from Blake Price in yesterday's morning interview in which Gillis said we had the least amount of NMCs. That's what Im argueing. Not that we're in the lowest percentage of NMCs like you wish to change the argument to.
  11. Gillis on Team 1040 February 6

    How about Gillis stop treating the hockey fans of Vancouver like idiots? Anyone with access to capgeek can clearly see we are no where close to being the team with the least amount of NM or NT clauses. LA has zero of both FFS.
  12. [Trade] VAN Dale Weise to MTL

    It's because when Gillis took the job he said he said he would make bold movies, much like Mactavish said last year, and when you fail to deliver it leaves you open to the criticism.
  13. [Trade] VAN Dale Weise to MTL

    If there isn't a bold move to make what do you expect Gillis to do? Weise was a redundant 4th liner. This might not be beneficial but it could help the pp.
  14. [Trade] VAN Dale Weise to MTL

    I like this.
  15. Don’t Re-sign the Sedin Twins

    Stop making crap up. You build championship teams through the draft, something Gillis touted when he took the job, yet there's exactly one player on our roster that was drafted during his tenure.