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  1. This is how fascism starts, if they are somehow able to do this. Combine that with potentially this... When you are done reading, replace the words Islam with Judaism, and Muslin with Jew, seriously do it. Its scary as balls. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/mike-flynn-trump-national-security_us_582e4bfde4b030997bbea9a6 Donald Trump Selects Mike Flynn As National Security Adviser: Report Flynn has defended Trump’s proposal to ban all Muslims from immigrating to the U.S. and said he was open to bringing back waterboarding. 11/17/2016 08:17 pm ET | Updated 7 hours ago 6k Marina Fang Associate Politics Editor, The Huffington Post X President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday offered retired Army Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn the position of national security adviser, a senior official told the Associated Press. Flynn, who advised Trump’s presidential campaign, had been considered a leading contender for the position, given his support of many of Trump’s most grave foreign policy proposals. Earlier this year, he defended Trump’s proposal to ban all Muslims from immigrating to the U.S. and said he was open to bringing back waterboarding as a torture method and to killing the families of accused terrorists, which constitutes a war crime under the Geneva Conventions. Flynn served as the chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency but was forced out due to his controversial views on Islam and vocal opposition to the Obama administration’s policies to fight Islamic State. He claimed that “political correctness” was at fault in the U.S. efforts against terrorism. He also called Islam a “cancer” and argued that fearing Muslims is “rational.” Over the summer, he began receiving classified briefings as an adviser to Trump — while simultaneously working as a private consultant to foreign clients.Flynn has also come under criticism for his ties to Russia, serving as an analyst for the country’s state-owned TV network RT and being paid to speak at the network’s anniversary gala. Trump has said that he hopes to “reset” relations with Russia, and during his campaign even praised Russian President Vladimir Putin for being “a stronger leader” than President Barack Obama. Flynn, like Trump, believes that Russia and the U.S. should be closer collaborators in the fight against Islamic State, of which many foreign policy experts and Republican lawmakers are wary.It is unclear if Flynn has accepted the position, according to the AP. The position does not require Senate confirmation. ---- Can you imagine being a Muslim protester? How fast you would get shipped off?
  2. You know that most Liberals hated her as well right, hence why she lost. Also, just because one may have chosen to vote for Hillary, doesn't mean they liked her. Trump is an obvious bigot, its been well reported for years, he's mulling a Muslim registry as we speak, its why the Klan adores him. Hillary is bad too don't get me wrong, but Trump won, so he will be the one under the microscope now. Now from what I see, him and his supporters are the biggest thin skinned PC police I've ever seen. "Wahh, the protesters are unfair, waah, they're calling us racist, waah the liberals are attacking us, wahh the newspapers are unfair for reporting on us, wahh the onion wrote an article about me I want to sue them because it hurt my feelings". Trump and his people are literally some of the biggest sissies I've ever met, they can't even admit their own bigotry. There is pro-nazi racism appearing in force all over the country yet they deny its happening or blame Liberals. GOP, Trump supporters, just own your racism, stop being so goddamn PC about it, I'm sure almost everyone has some form/shade of unconscious bigotry within themselves, most people are not perfect angels. Sadly, the GOP does employ the southern strategy starting in the 50's https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_strategy which is inherently racist and reinforces and empowers peoples innate/unconscious fears or bigotry. This is democracy though, and it only works if people agree to compromise, win or lose, if one side decides they want it all and are not willing to talk, then democracy won't work, its that simple, so stop getting so offended and outraged by liberals, most of us wanted Bernie anyways. You remember him, Bernie "OMG democratic socialist extremist Armageddon Castro Stalin" Sanders.
  3. So many swastikas being spraypainted around the country. The south will rise again...
  4. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2016/11/15/anna-maranta-rabbi-swastika-spraypaint_n_12984470.html Remember when it was shameful to be a Nazi? Many of these online Trump trolls have no idea they are empowering the ideology of Hitler. This has no place in Canada and needs to be fought. Anna Maranta, Ottawa Rabbi, Finds Swastika Spraypainted On Home Door The Huffington Post Canada | By Mohamed Omar Email Posted: 11/15/2016 10:27 am EST Updated: 4 hours ago X Share0 Tweet 0 Comment0 An Ottawa rabbi says her front door was hit with racist graffiti between Monday night and early Tuesday morning. Anna Maranta posted a photo of the graffiti on Facebook. It showed a swastika and anti-Semitic slur in red paint. Maranta said the hateful message is an example of what has been "unleashed" by U.S. president-elect Donald Trump. View image on Twitter "This. This is what has been unleashed by the American president-elect, and those that support him," she wrote. Maranta, a social activist, uses her home as a prayer space, according to the Ottawa Citizen. She told the paper she has received verbal abuse before, but nothing to the level of the hateful graffiti. The appropriate response to the graffiti is opening up dialogue, Maranta said. “We need to talk and communicate and prepare meals and learn to overcome differences by finding commonalities," she said. Maranta asks anyone with information about the graffiti to contact her or the Ottawa Police Service's hate crimes unit.
  5. You thought the dumbing down of America couldn't get any worse, try having Ben Carson as secretary of education... This is still speculation and not confirmed remember. Don't panic yet. http://ijr.com/2016/11/734066-someone-in-trump-land-just-leaked-a-list-of-cabinet-positions-and-secretary-sarah-palin-is-on-it/ Someone In Trump-Land Just Leaked a List of Cabinet Positions--And "Secretary" Sarah Palin Is On It BY VICTORIA TAFT A DAY AGO SHARE SHARE On the day before President-elect Donald Trump came to Washington, D.C., to meet with President Obama, a list of the names of possible Trump cabinet choices and other key jobs was leaked to reporters. Image Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images This being Washington and all, the list of names is undoubtedly a way to vet these choices in the court of public opinion before spending any political capital defending them. And, revealing the list also creates a sort of buzz around the campaign. Image Credit: Wiki Commons/Screenshot/Getty Images BuzzFeed received a copy of the list of names that Trump reportedly is considering and here are just some of the bigger names being considered for high profile posts (you can find the full list here): Attorney General: Former Mayor and federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani, Governor Chris Christie, and Senator Jeff Sessions. Secretary of State: Ambassador John Bolton, Senator Bob Corker, former House speaker Newt Gingrich Treasury Secretary: Businessman Carl Icahn, Congressman Jeb Hensarling Secretary of Defense: Retired General Mike Flynn, Stephen Hadley, Congressman Duncan Hunter, Jr., Senator Jeff Sessions, former senator Jim Talent Veterans Affairs: Congressman Jeff Miller Secretary of Homeland Security: Governor Chris Christie, Sheriff David Clarke Secretary of Commerce: Former governor Mike Huckabee, former senator Jim Talent Health and Human Services: Former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, Florida governor Rick Scott, former House speaker Newt Gingrich Secretary of Education: Former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, Hoover Institution fellow William Evers Energy Secretary: Venture capitalist, Robert Grady, Businessman Harold Hamm Agriculture Secretary: Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, Chuck Conner, CEO of the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives Interior Secretary: Former governor Sarah Palin, former governor Jan Brewer, Governor Mary Fallin, energy executive Forrest Lucas Chief of Staff: RNC chief Reince Priebus The haterade has already begun to be swilled: There are three names that pop up twice on the list. They are New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, former senator Jim Talent and former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson. Let the speculation begin.
  6. This is all truth. The problem with hillary lied within her cmapaign execution and her position on the political spectrum. She started by squashing Bernie and the progressive millennial vote in the most condescending and greasy ways. DWS and the DNC was also to blame, not just Hillary. She took a billion dollars from donors this election cycle and between her and bill an additional 3 billion over their lifetime. Her campaign consisted of calling anyone who didn't support her a sexist, even her own base, and verbally came across as super scripted, disingenuous and fake (because she was). She played political chess while Bernie actually cared about people. She was also interventionist and pro war. Progressives, millennials and others just couldn't vote for her after what she had done, so she lost many of their votes and the election.
  7. Actually the video was more about the gop donors amd establishment running roughshod over Trump's plans, he wasnt directly just bashing Trump. Yourself however, likely just saw the video as partisan, in your eyes i bet you saw someone attacking Trump, got super angry and defensive, closed the video in disgust, and came on here to flame me. Dude, the donors and establishment are the people who really run Congress. The faster you understand this the better off the people will be. We're all on the same team man, Democrats didn't get what was promised, and Republicans won't get theirs, corruption is rampant in both parties. Hillary took a billion dollars from corporations during this campaign, more then Trump. Its all bad.
  8. The union donors do not want a wall and are negotiating for a larger fence and more staff instead. This is the corruption Trump was supposed to #draintheswamp of. McConnell will always put the donors first. That's how it works, you pay your donations (bribes), you get what you ask for. Donors Plans > Trumps Plans. That's the corruption everyone is fighting against on both sides. Taxpayer money --> Goes to Government --> Given away as Corporate Handouts to donors--> Corporation returns some of it in the form of donations to the political party --> Corporation gets tax cut or some form or deregulation to boost profits or perhaps a government contract --> Corporation gives more money to political party.. so forth Sorry bud, but that big, powerful wall spanning the entire southern border coast to coast with the big heavenly golden doors, that ain't happening, there is no money in it (unless the wall building lobby donated?). McConnell will find some other donors who need to be compensated, perhaps the oil industry could use another subsidy, the NRA maybe or perhaps the tobacco industry where John Boehner works now? I'm sure they will all be well compensated in the next four years at the cost of taxpayers. Remember those extreme tax cuts for the rich Trump proposed? Don't be surprised if they go even further down for the rich, like to near 0% while everyone else's goes up to compensate. Goodbye middle class! There are going to be so many problems, the wall will be the last of your concerns anyways. Oh and don't forget the deregulation of banks again! Remember what happened last time?
  9. Very thin skin, doesn't even try to understand or reason with protesters. Just "WAHH THIS IS UNFAIR". What a bitch a$$ pu$$, seriously, Obama didn't complain this much and the media hounded him for 8 years, he took it like a champ and did his job. Professional protesters, you mean everyday civilians exercising their constitutional rights? He already won and he's still complaining! Shut up, get off twitter and do your job Trump. Literally the entire world is watching you.
  10. I hope you are aware that like democrats, republicans are owned by donors, also dubbed as 'advisers'. This may come as a shock to you, but the GOP doesn't actually want to deport illegals. Why? Illegal immigrants are a cheap source of labor for corporate donors. This is why Democrats consistently deport more illegal immigrants then republicans. Trump is just the president, the house and senate will decide if what Trump wants to do is good for the donors. Just look at how senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell picks and chooses which of trumps plans he will choose to pass: Immigration? goes against donors Infrastructure? goes against donors Border Security? whatever way is most effective.. Anything that doesn't benefit their donors, like a wall, gets tossed. All they care about is repealing Obamacare as it impedes the profits of donors. Also remember, the GOP are fiscal conservatives, tax low, spend low. I doubt they will raise hundreds of billions for a wall when that money could be spent investing in donors. Only copy pasted the Mitch part.. http://www.npr.org/2016/11/09/501451368/here-is-what-donald-trump-wants-to-do-in-his-first-100-days Here Is What Donald Trump Wants To Do In His First 100 Days Facebook Twitter Google+ Email November 9, 20163:45 PM ET AMITA KELLY FacebookTwitterInstagram BARBARA SPRUNT President-elect Donald Trump meets supporters after his acceptance speech at the New York Hilton Midtown. Natalie Keyssar for NPR At the end of October, Donald Trump spoke in Gettysburg, Pa., and released a plan for his first 100 days in office. The plan (below) outlines three main areas of focus: cleaning up Washington, including by imposing term limits on Congress; protecting American workers; and restoring rule of law. He also laid out his plan for working with Congress to introduce 10 pieces of legislation that would repeal Obamacare, fund the construction of a wall at the Southern border (with a provision that Mexico would reimburse the U.S.), encourage infrastructure investment, rebuild military bases, promote school choice and more. POLITICS FACT CHECK: Donald Trump's First 100 Days Action Plan On Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell mostly made nice with Trump but also shot down or expressed little enthusiasm in some of his plans. On Trump's proposal to impose term limits on Congress, McConnell said, "It will not be on the agenda in the Senate." McConnell has been a long-standing opponent of term limits, as NPR's Susan Davis reports. "I would say we have term limits now — they're called elections." McConnell also threw some cold water on Trump's infrastructure plans, calling it not a top priority. McConnell did say repealing Obamacare is a "pretty high item on our agenda" along with comprehensive tax reform and achieving border security "in whatever way is the most effective." But he also declined to discuss the Senate's immigration agenda further.
  11. Wait for Trump supporters to claim they are American patriots for being pro-Russian.
  12. Yup. If anything, the media trying to help her backfired, making her look even more in the pocket of the establishment. Everyone knew CNN = Clinton news network. This was known back in the primaries when they refused to cover Bernie. I remember they showed an empty Trump podium for an hour instead of showing Bernie's victory speech for a state primary.
  13. Clinton was a terrible candidate which was why she lost so bad. Its not the medias fault, its her fault for being an establishment insider who did not give 2 poops about the people. Also she snubbed her base. Hard.