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  1. How many think Brock Boeser looks NHL ready?

    This guy's a stud. Watching my first game in years just to see this guy play.
  2. [Signing] Oilers re-sign Connor McDavid

    Yeah, but look how many cups they have
  3. To think at one point we had an embarrassment of goaltending riches. Oh how far we have fallen.
  4. Wait, he still had a time out after that massive onslaught? woww
  5. Oilers with a meltdown that would make the Canucks proud.
  6. Welcome to the dark ages my friends.
  7. 5-10 year rebuild at this juncture, draft doesn't save teams anymore.
  8. I don't buy tickets or buy their jerseys anymore because they are too expensive. I doubt it's a conspiracy, and you're a daft fool if you think the Canucks will be hoisting the cup any time soon. Not sure what adversity you are talking about, the product sucks and the NHL drafting rules suck. I am not giving them any money and frankly, I think people who do continue to support this league are throwing the money away atm. I'm not an extremist fan like yourself, more just rational.
  9. Its not punishment, its called saving your money. The league takes a hefty sum from the fans remember too.
  10. This team is dead in the water. The draft can't save them anymore, meanwhile the teams above them are getting better. This 'rebuild' is simply turning us into a team that sucks, not one thats curving upwards. I suggest people call in and cancel their seasons tickets and save some money for the next few years.
  11. Canucks franchise is officially dead in the water.
  12. Looks like another year of not watching any games
  13. Not sure if answered, but where can i watch online?