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  1. I could probably count the number of decent draft picks the Canucks have made on one or two hands. There are far too many picks which were busts or didn't work out. The Canucks have got to have one of the worst draft records in NHL history. In fact, any joe blow on this forum would have drafted better than the Canucks over the years. It is more frustrating to know the players the Canucks have passed up on.
  2. Willie is garbage. The Canucks would be better off under someone else, doesn't matter who. Bring on an experienced coach good with developing and working with younger players. Easy enough.
  3. Watch attendance fall significantly this year. I can see a major drop-off as management has done very little to keep pace with the other teams in the division, let alone the AL. This offseason has been a total joke.
  4. WD has got to go. Can't get any worse with someone else.
  5. Islanders win 4-1. Canucks continue their losing streak. I just hope they can win a &^@#ing game this month.
  6. They better score a few, its the Leafs after all. I can see another L in the loss column: Leafs win 3-2 in OT.
  7. Wow, what a game and ending. This was the mother of all curses (championship droughts). Now that it is broken, there is still hope for the Canucks, Leafs, Bills, etc.
  8. Not much else to say here but you are going to see this team lose many many times this year. It is going to be very frustrating to watch. WD needs to be fired soon. We desperately need a coach that will play the kids and grow/develop them through good and bad. Even if the Canucks were losing, it is much better to at least see what the young guys can do. The team looks poised to finish dead last in goals scored.
  9. Canucks get shutout again. 4-0 win for the Habs. 10 goals for the road trip.
  10. This is going to be a long season, not pretty to watch. It won't surprise me to see Willie get fired by mid-season at this rate.
  11. Lets hope the Canucks can score a couple of goals. It has been embarrassingly long since they scored one. I don't expect a win tonight but we will see. This team is trending downwards right now.
  12. Wow, another dramatic playoff win. This team has been making it a habit this post-season, which bodes well. Hopefully the magic can continue through the ALCS. The ending to that game is bone-chilling. Best of luck to the Jays in the ALCS, they are playing great baseball when it counts.