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  1. How we did on the Drafts

    It is going to take time to truly evaluate the picks that JB has made in the past few drafts. Even still, I thought he could have done better in this draft, Pettersson looks to be a big gamble, it may pay off and it may not but I was hoping for the safer choice in Glass. Hopefully it all works out. The Canucks missed out on some great players in recent drafts that could have make an impact.
  2. Not my choice for the leadership of the Conservative Party, however would be willing to give him a chance to see what kind of policies and ideas he will bring. It would certainly be better than the garbage that the Trudeau government is doing, creating a massive fiscal mess with increasing debt and spending money like moronic drunken sailors. Will not be voting Liberal in the next election. I cannot stand Trudeau. Hope the Conservatives can beat the crap out of him.
  3. NBA Discussion

    Wow, these playoffs suck hard. It was so easy to predict another GSW/Cavs final. There is no point watching these games, just wait until the finals begin. These games aren't even remotely close or competitive.
  4. Lots of baseball left, but this looks like the kind of year where nothing will be going right. Better luck next season.
  5. Epic choke right there. Series over, Flames are done.
  6. What a catastrophic start to the season.. just awful. Need to get the bats going. It is so annoying watching this team right now, something is very wrong.
  7. I am expecting this to be a close series, Habs in 7.
  8. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    This team is simply pathetic and not watchable in the very least. I think the franchise needs to completely clean house and fire Robinson. No longer wasting my time watching this sorry excuse of a team.
  9. Evaluating Willie Desjardins

    To be honest, any idiot could coach better than him. I would take anyone else behind the bench. Here is hoping he gets fired in the offseason and bring in someone else.
  10. Canucks Biggest Draft Busts

    I could probably count the number of decent draft picks the Canucks have made on one or two hands. There are far too many picks which were busts or didn't work out. The Canucks have got to have one of the worst draft records in NHL history. In fact, any joe blow on this forum would have drafted better than the Canucks over the years. It is more frustrating to know the players the Canucks have passed up on.
  11. Willie's decisions?! What's your thoughts?

    Willie is garbage. The Canucks would be better off under someone else, doesn't matter who. Bring on an experienced coach good with developing and working with younger players. Easy enough.
  12. Watch attendance fall significantly this year. I can see a major drop-off as management has done very little to keep pace with the other teams in the division, let alone the AL. This offseason has been a total joke.
  13. WD has got to go. Can't get any worse with someone else.