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  1. Going to be a long season. Not remotely impressed with their play at all. They are garbage on home ice so far. I hope they really start to pick things up soon.  
  2. Great season, looking forward to the next one. This series showed that to win in the playoffs and make a serious run, you need to be able to play small ball when the situation calls for it. No shame in losing to the Royals. This was a hard fought series. The Jays pitching was not good enough to win the series, also the inability to score runs with RISP (i.e. - bunt to advance the runner, get a clutch hit, etc.) proved to be the key reason why they lost. Hopefully after all of the buzz of this Jays playoff run, management will continue to build this team as a serious WS contender. I hope this isn't an anomaly of a season and the Jays can start making the playoffs on a consistent basis.  
  3. Down to the last few outs. I don't think a comeback is in the cards but let's see what happens. The Royals pitching and bullpen have been absolutely unbelievable this series. Too many missed opportunities in this one. Good teams like KC don't give you many.
  4. A game the Canucks should have won, although still a pretty good start to the season. On another note, this was a $&!#ty weekend for sports as all of the teams that I wanted to win did not (Jays losing twice to go down 2-0 to the Royals, Seahawks losing at home and Canucks losing in OT).
  5. NFL thread

    It looks to be another disappointing loss for the Seahawks. They really are in a fight to even make the playoffs, which I don't think they will make. This just isn't their year folks. Can't close out games.
  6. Game over. &^@#ing Goins, error cost the game. You don't give good teams extra chances, they will make you pay.
  7. Now that was a 'Royal' ass kicking. Waste of time watching this game, the Jays had no answer to Volquez. Regroup and on to the next one.
  8. That was a game for the ages. One of the best playoff games I have ever seen, it had it all and then some. Go Jays!
  9. [PGT] Flames vs Canucks 3-2 OT Loss

    That was a garbage third period. The Canucks didn't deserve a point but they should be lucky they got it into OT. Miller playing great so far though.
  10. I think they will take Game 3, but a massive uphill battle to get back into the series. The Jays had plenty of chances to pull ahead but the bats could not get the job done. This was a tough one to lose. I don't expect the Jays to win 3 straight but they have to take it one game at a time. It is survival mode now.
  11. NFL thread

    Seahawks look like garbage this season. They will be lucky to even make the playoffs playing like crap. Could have easily lost this game. Lions were very unlucky tonight.
  12. Agreed. Not impressed with the last few games at all, terrible decisions all around. I would have liked them to take a proper shot at the best record in the AL. Hopefully they can regroup and come out strong to start the playoffs. They need a lot more urgency and intensity to their game.
  13. It is nice to see the Jays clinch a playoff berth. A very very long time coming. I did not start following baseball and the team until the mid 1990's. Over the years, I have seen more than my fair share of disappointments and frustration. There were many times when I honestly felt this team would never make the playoffs. They were always a team that was a bit better than .500 or below, but were never bad enough to finish at the bottom of the standings. If they played in any other division other than the ALE, they would have had at least a few playoff appearances by now. Every season until this year, the Jays never had all of the pieces clicking together at the same time. I remember many seasons where the team had a deadly offense, but the pitching was not very good. Other years, they had strong pitching but couldn't score enough runs. Key injuries and underperformance also played a role. Even though I knew weeks ago that clinching the playoffs would come in due course, it is special to finally see it become a reality. For the first time in my life, I will get to see the Jays play October baseball. I cannot wait until this team wins the division, which they will. Baseball is back in Toronto. Hopefully they go on a long playoff run, but exciting times for sure.
  14. Totally stoked for the playoffs. You thought the atmoshphere was electric today, wait until the Jays first home playoff game. Going to give me the chills. I think if they go .500 the rest of the way then this should be enough to secure the pennant. Still some tough games left, so can't relax just yet.
  15. Entertaining game for sure. Frustrating to watch, too many missed opportunities for the Jays. Their relievers are giving up way too many HRs lately. It would have been nice to win this game. Get back at it tomorrow.