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  1. Francesco Aquilini and Tom Brady chat

    "...and that is how you can deflate hockey pucks"
  2. SAMSUNG Note 5 or the Edge +

    Had a Galaxy Nexus for 3 years, I would say lots of memory is important as I plan on using this for the same amount of time at least. Note 5's rear-camera is the same, only difference is the front-facing is 5 vs 3.7 MP, don't think you will notice the difference considering what you use the front-facing camera for. For $50 you lose out on expanding your storage size, which on its own is pretty huge unless you don't mind paying more for data/hopping wifi all the time when you need to access cloud storage. Also you are stuck with a dead phone once you run out of battery, Note 4 it's as easy as popping out the battery with a secondary one.
  3. SAMSUNG Note 5 or the Edge +

    I went with the Note 4 just for the microSD expandable memory and the removable battery feature, I'd highly recommend it if you were leaning on getting a Note 5. Plus it is much cheaper now than it was 1 year ago.
  4. Mom looks like the female version of Bubbles.
  5. iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus

    Looks nice, too bad it costs that much for only 16GB fixed memory and no expandable storage.
  6. Public Mobile

    Just curious if anyone has tried them out, they seem to offer free sim cards and have a pretty good discount if you choose a 90 day plan. They would have the same Telus coverage correct?
  7. Building a PC [Help]

    Find all the parts you need on NCIX, pricematch and save a ton. You'll probably need to spend at least 1000 CDN w/ tax to be able to play GTA V at 1080P High settings/60fps.
  8. PC Gaming Thread

    Made me cringe, could easily build a killer desktop and save 600.
  9. (Article) Mike Burnstein fired!

    Fire Gilliz
  10. OMG Heat Wave?

    Even with this heat I'm sure Vancouver is still cooler than most of North America.
  11. I distinctly remember it being on his left hand, he touched Dany with his right.
  12. Wind or Mobilicity

    Paying like $24/month for unlimited data/calling/text... yeah it may crap out but for that price I'm still saving a **** ton.
  13. Youtube thread 2.0

  14. [REPORT] Canadian game prices officially going up

    Oh, but didn't you hear? It's amazing for our export industry
  15. They should build a huge wall around Baltimore...for the safety of the USA.