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  1. "...and that is how you can deflate hockey pucks"
  2. Had a Galaxy Nexus for 3 years, I would say lots of memory is important as I plan on using this for the same amount of time at least. Note 5's rear-camera is the same, only difference is the front-facing is 5 vs 3.7 MP, don't think you will notice the difference considering what you use the front-facing camera for. For $50 you lose out on expanding your storage size, which on its own is pretty huge unless you don't mind paying more for data/hopping wifi all the time when you need to access cloud storage. Also you are stuck with a dead phone once you run out of battery, Note 4 it's as easy as popping out the battery with a secondary one.
  3. I went with the Note 4 just for the microSD expandable memory and the removable battery feature, I'd highly recommend it if you were leaning on getting a Note 5. Plus it is much cheaper now than it was 1 year ago.
  4. Looks nice, too bad it costs that much for only 16GB fixed memory and no expandable storage.
  5. Made me cringe, could easily build a killer desktop and save 600.
  6. Even with this heat I'm sure Vancouver is still cooler than most of North America.
  7. Also, interesting parallels between Stannis and Agamemnon in this article, I'm not really sure what to make of it though. I distinctly remember it being on his left hand, he touched Dany with his right.
  8. You like potato yes?
  9. Too bad they would've still garnered a poor return since I bet no one's gonna offer a fair return around the deadline. Besides hindsight is pointless.
  10. But if you notice after awhile their games drop drastically in price. (See Titanfall/BF3/BF4) Much cheaper and more likely to be fixed of most bugs.
  11. I'm never buying anything full price again, just wait for sales like 6 months later with the game 50% off and all the early bugs ironed out.
  12. Parks and Recreation was amazing!

    1. g_bassi13


      I don't know what prompted this, but i agree. I usually find myself thinking this thought around twice a day.

    2. NightHawkSniper


      Finished all the seasons in like 2 weeks, love Craig's outbursts.

  13. Get a aftermarket CPU cooler regardless, stock's are garbage.
  14. ? I don't think you read the novels...