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  1. eh mon rasta bloodclot

  2. Grrrrrrrrrrr Canuckletux

    nice pictures in the contest eg

    I have some sweet polaroids from a Glen Anderson party back in Edmonton from the 80s

    don't passout donkey up around that guy ;)

  3. 3 more games to wrap this series up, I cant wait

  4. I've been watching the games on the Internet at the library

    since I don't have cable

    I'm glad we are getting these early starts cause it sucks when the library closes and I have to catch the last period on the radio in the van

    I'm sure we'll whoop 'em real good next game :^)

  5. I knew the Nucks were going to lose tonight. Even after the 2 goals. >:( Where did you watch the game tonight?, and please don't say outside of my house through the window.

  6. That was pretty close, I also have zap straps, a ball gag and a dog lease

    so the kids can help me find spot in the bushes at the park.

    We should hook up for some steaks for the game.

    I'll bring the wine like I said :)

  7. Hi Dyno,

    Let me guess on the contents of your van: balaclava, duct tape and lots of candy. Am I close?

  8. Hey eg

    how about them nucks baby yeaaaaaahh Dynomiiiiiite!

    what you think BBQ this round or the conference finals?

    my vans up and running

    I got the wheels you supply the meals

    let me know

  9. always keeps his stick on the ice

  10. Hey man! great game so far

    gotta like those plugs with their #%%##}% the queens just scored

    all tied now 2-2

    he gotta keep banging those beeaches

    m/ till your BBQ

  11. No reason to call names now

    after all you were the one who said we should get together for a PPV ...had I known earlier perhaps you could have picked me up :(

    anyways, what a game! we should hook up for a BBQ and a playoff game at your place :D

  12. Happy Easter Creepy :}

  13. Hey you wouldn't happen to have a hot plate and a spot on the couch for tonight's game there would ya bud?I'd need you to come pick me up, my van needs brakes :(