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  1. Wow... that's a super dirty punch by Roussel @ 1:58 . No wonder that guy is so well hated in the NHL... throwing a punch when Gudbranson is obviously wanting to end it..... loved how Gudbranson knocked him down right after. How many times did he fight White and Downie, LOL. Loved that laser of a shot in the end... reminds me of Garrison when he was here. Loved his fighting style, we needed some nastiness in the backend since Bieksa left. Thanks for the video!
  2. That lineup looks surprisingly deep. I am pretty sure Ristolainen is going to be their #1D as well. Only goalie is a slight suspect IMO, maybe they can add a veteran BU / Starter (actually think Miller might be an option for them... I know I know my wishful thinking) for a playoff push but will need a few years for their core players to develop before they can become legit contenders.
  3. Nice Video! But... what the heck is that dman doing at 00:10.....
  4. I will take David Clarkson's contract if my team had won 1 Cup in the last 41 years. I will take another bad contract for that too.
  5. Honestly, if not for the last name of Tanev, I doubt half the ppl on CDC even cares if he signed with the Canucks.... All the best to him and hopefully he can follow Chris' footsteps and become a good NHL player.
  6. I highly doubt Hansen will be able to fetch that much in any trade. He is those players that are extremely effective but because he is not a well known name so he can't fetch much in the market. Rather keep him and have him as a vet presence to the kids to show them how to play with hustle, grit and most importantly skill.
  7. Showed both Gaunce's goals. Great individual effort on both the tying and OT goals. Loved his tying goal especially.. nice feed from Shinkaruk as well.
  8. Pretty sick pass by Gaunce too. Good to see Zalewski and Gaunce playing well together. Have a chance to be our bottom 6 forwards together next season.
  9. Sounds exactly like the plan with Shinkaruk last season. Shinkaruk become much more effective during the 2nd half of the season. Hopefully Cassels will go through the exact same pattern this season. How great it is to finally have a great developmental team with a good coach. I always think as much as Canucks drafted badly during the last 10 years, having a poor AHL developmental team is as big of an issue. We haven't really developed a good prospect ever since the AHL Manitoba Moose days and the Chicago Wolves days are horrendous.
  10. Just being in the same conversation as those 2 for the Calder is already a great accomplishment for any rookie. Especially a 5th round pick Dman.
  11. You want another Clendenning?
  12. Thanks for the clip. Surprised he is all the way at the front of the net, is he the net front presence for their PP or something? The first thing that comes to my mind when I saw that clip was how Hutton loves to score from below the circle on the PP (close to what Neill is in this clip but more to the right or left) for his team in NCAA too. One can hope haha.
  13. I am not 100% sure but I think McCann's situation was similar to Cassels. In his draft year, he was more relied on centering a defensive 3rd line for SSM. Due to that deployment and lack of offensive numbers, his ranking dropped a bit and was eventually picked up by us at no.24.
  14. I agree. Strictly comparing Bo and McCann's first 2 games in the NHL, I think McCann showed more (especially offensively) in the limited amount of time. But still, Bo really stepped up in the 2nd half of the season and become a good player for us, don't know can McCann follow the same path. I like how McCann has this... more self centered attitude and borderline arrogance confidence where he is not afraid to take risks and take chances to go on the offensive with the puck. I think in the eventual remaining 7 games he will get burned a few times but I think it is a good learning process for him if he wants to have a chance to develop into somewhat of a offensive Top 6 center. I loved his goal celebration as well. I don't really mind if McCann gets sent back down into the minors as I think SSM is a great place (unlike Virtanen and Hitman) for him to continue to develop and polish him game and try to stick to Canucks full time next season.
  15. Until Zhukenov posted similar numbers to Vey in the AHL and CHL, no way is Zhukenov better than Vey. Vey posted some amazing numbers in the CHL and respectable numbers in the AHL. Until he reached numbers close to the ones posted by Vey, no way can you statistically compare the two and say Zhukenov is a better player than Vey. What is your connection with Zhukenov? You seem to have a man-crush of some sort on him. Do you know him in person or have you seen him play a lot? Just curious to know what you seem to see in him.