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  1. Loved Kesler. My favorite Canucks player still to this day. I enjoyed watching his aggressive and never back down attitude when he plays the game. Only Canucks player jersey I ever owned.
  2. From my understanding, he is an overager and the Portland Winterhawks decide to go another direction with their 3 overager slots so he was pretty much let go from the team. In the end, his current QMJHL team is interested and don't mind picking him up. That's why he was transfered to QMJHL.
  3. Don't see many teams wanting him... with the speed of the current NHL, don't think he can keep up and I don't think any teams want to handicap themselves so early with at least 2.5mil for maybe a 4th liner. I understand he brings leadership and experience, but I honestly think he is done. I can see some team throwing a very low pick for injury replacement and make him a 13th forward for the playoffs.
  4. O god no... last time a Canucks 44 and NHL on high alert turned out to be one of the biggest disaster in our franchise history.... I don't want it to happen again... as much as I want someone to punch Kadri and Martin in the face.... I hate how NHL try to put their people in attendance to prevent it. It just lets the players drag on the hatred longer and when it erupts it will turn out even uglier. I bet if NHL don't put such a high profile in this, the players will have a few heated fights near the start of the game and it will be over.... now the NHL is just adding fuel to the fire. If they are so worried about this, then just tell the refs to be more strict and fair with all the games' ruling and trust the refs. Not doing these stuff....
  5. Now that you look at it.... both teams in that series are having a really rough time. NYI is now the bottom of the NHL... with a highly paid Ladd (5.5 mil for 6 years I think?) only with 3 points in 20 games. Not gelling with any teammates and got demoted to the 4th line while letting Okposo and Nielson left in UFA (Both have decent seasons for Buffalo and Detroit.) Florida blow up their own front office, D corps and now fired their head coach. Team performing subpar and a lot of questions raised.... gave away Crouse to dump a bad contract.... but at least their young players look promising I guess, even though Ekblad seems to not be himself since the head injury / concussion he suffered in the World Cup. Not looking good at all for both of them.
  6. Call up Garteig, he deserves the shot if Bachman is out long time.
  7. Also at the game too, my section was outraged at that challenge. Here's the closest I find:
  8. Wow that's a very clear and precise explanation. Thanks.
  9. Wow nice moves! Against Boston University too not some weaker opponent. Love how he celebrates his goals (or his teammates XD)
  10. Wow that SH goal was sick. Thanks for posting!
  11. 59 Shots... even if including OT... that's nearly a shot per minute... they must've played in the opponent's zone the whole night...
  12. Wow.... in an 8-4 game....
  13. I honestly feel we will get Etem back this season. Anaheim is not in a great shape now, They have 47 contracts and 2 RFAs in Rakell and Lindholm needing (big) contracts. Their roster currently has 25 players (Thompson on IR) and the 2 RFAs. Unless Anaheim can manage a fair deal by Dec, they most likely need to waive a player back in order to fit everyone in. My guess is they will waive Etem and we will just pick him back up (barring any trades on our end) and send him back to Utica. So, this might not be the end with Etem yet... but chances are indeed slim.
  14. My favorite late round pick this year. (Sorry not very sold on Stukel). Watch a few highlights uploaded on twitter of him and I like the style he plays. Is a more north-south grinding style that has a higher chance to translate to a bottom 6 role in the NHL. I think this guy will become what we hoped Kyle Petit will become. Don't see any offensive prowess from him yet so my guess is his absolute ceiling right now is a 3rd line Defensive Specialist C or LW. Seems to have a good physical edge against defenders that result in turnovers that he cash in on. (He is 6'2 198lb according to Eliteprospects aka not up to date). Decent shot that can score on OHL goalies. Like this gamble, seems like a depth prospect that is likely to get an ELC at least from Canucks. Look forward to see him play more,
  15. Not a hockey expert but here are my observations: - Very "high profile" goal celebrations borderline "cocky" (more so than even Shinkaruk). Will drive opposing team nuts but loved by teammates - Great shot, can snipe corners quite quickly and accurately (not Boeser level but still very good) - Scored quite a few garbage goals or better put score a lot of goals right in front of the crease - Quite good with deflections or quick shots in close, a lot of shots beat goalies before they have a chance to get back in position - Surprisingly good passing, set up quite a few beautiful goals for his line mates, not a selfish and always snipe player - Love to use his speed to drive defenders back and draw goalies attention and do a drop pass for teammate to score. Use it a lot in the highlights I project his absolute ceiling to be a middle 6 winger in his prime similar to Burrows. Pest, fast, forechecks well, drives opponents nuts and can score maybe 15-20 goals. Don't know his defensive capabilities since video only show goals and assists. Looks like we have a decent prospect. Thanks for the video!