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  1. Hey guys, if there's another thread already, just toss me the link. I'm wondering if anyone has any word on the status of Kassian. Any chance we get him back soon? We got him to serve as our version of Byfuglien or Lucic and when we finally get to the playoffs with him, he's out with back issues. I just want to know if anyone's heard anything about his return. Thanks.
  2. I wouldn't go with either of those dresses... regardless of your personality, those are not man magnets. If you can pull off backless, go backless and black. That's seriously where it's at. Don't worry too much about showing cleavage. Cleavage in dresses is overrated (cleavage in a tight t-shirt, not so overrated). Trust me. Best of luck.

  3. Hey, I was wondering what you'd think about the idea of incorporating a track or two from Led Zeppelin III (Released October 5th, 1970 - 4 days before the first Regular Season NHL Canucks game); perhaps "Celebration Day," "Immigrant Song"... maybe "Gallow's pole" after we take a penalty?

  4. It made a difference to that kid

  5. So you're just a dick with poor spelling and grammar? "Imput?" You're "semi-retarded." Or, perhaps fully? Remember, "Never go full retard." I mean, who the frack talks like that? Would you have said that to him if you met him face-to-face? How do you live with yourself?

  6. hahah no, why would i apologize. Him actually have a mental disabilty just means i am right. Thanks for the imput bud.