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  1. The cap was lower when we signed him, and his contract was seen as a steal at the time.
  2. Stealth Tank in action.
  3. It's Sbisa everyone's trying to run out of town, not Bieksa.
  4. At the rate Benning is going it'd be more like the Sedins for Moroz and Gazdic, and we'd probably have to add a pick.
  5. Where did you preorder? You may be able to move your deposit from the game to the bundle.
  6. And I'd bet even if we signed him as a free agent Benning would still try to give up a second round pick somehow.
  7. Keith definitely, but that doesn't take away from the fact the Seabrook contributed a huge amount himself. If the plan is to give the Sedins one last crack at the Cup with the Canucks, Seabrook would help hugely in that effort.
  8. How many more 2nds do we have to piss away for mediocre players?
  9. Hopefully we move up. We're going to need some elite talent to compete with the Alberta teams in a few years. You think fan support is waning now? Wait until we're the worst team in western Canada.
  10. Where do I click to read your more about your amazing drafting system that I won't believe until I click?
  11. The Orenda by Joseph Boyden. I'm digging it so far.
  12. I dare you to google image search that.
  13. Those are some pretty sexy AHL stats he's been putting up. If, when he's in his prime, he puts up similar numbers in the NHL then we just fleeced the Hawks big time.