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  1. [Official] 2015 Canucks Draft Talk

    Hopefully we move up. We're going to need some elite talent to compete with the Alberta teams in a few years. You think fan support is waning now? Wait until we're the worst team in western Canada.
  2. [Official] 2015 Canucks Draft Talk

    Where do I click to read your more about your amazing drafting system that I won't believe until I click?
  3. What Are You Currently Reading?

    The Orenda by Joseph Boyden. I'm digging it so far.
  4. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    I dare you to google image search that.
  5. Adam Clendening Talk

    Those are some pretty sexy AHL stats he's been putting up. If, when he's in his prime, he puts up similar numbers in the NHL then we just fleeced the Hawks big time.
  6. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Of all the players I coveted in this tourney Morissey topped my list. Winnipeg not only had the most prospects in the tourney, they had some of the best of them too. There are some good years ahead for Winnipeg fans.
  7. He looked really good in his call up to the big club too. I'm liking the way he's developing so far. The benefits of owning our own farm team seem to be paying off really quickly. Hopefully Jensen, Shinkaruk, Horvat, and other young guys force Benning to make some tough decisions next offseason.
  8. Bo Horvat Talk

    Burden of proof is on you my friend. What exactly has Horvat done to prove to you that he'll only be capable of Matthias' level of point production?
  9. Nonis Talks to Benning and Linden

    I wonder who the leafs would want from us in return for two firsts and a second?
  10. Canucks Prospects Stat Track V2.0

    Can we pin this thread?
  11. Canucks Prospects Stat Track V2.0

    Looks much nicer now, thank you.
  12. Canucks Prospects Stat Track V2.0

    Thanks for doing this again. You may want to tone the colours down a bit though, I feel like I'm being kicked in the eyes when I look at your tables.
  13. Bo Horvat Talk

    Here's hoping that a year from now we can actually be discussing how Barzal is going to fit on our future team.