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  1. I've expected more from Garrison to be honest but I don't feel he's being properly utilised either. One of the reasons for his signing was his shot & power play points yet he sees such a small amount (if any) PP time while a very stinky Edler laps up prime time. I expected a guy that big & strong to be a physical presence also (I dont get to see Florida games here in Australia though so maybe that was an unfair expectation i placed on him). It's become apparent he doesn't play that way. Even so, I think he's serviceable but certainly not on the coin he's being paid right now. We have some very expensive D men yet the most reliable, IMO, gets paid the least.
  2. Wasn't there some media a week back stating the poor playoff record of Burrows (and Kesler for that matter)? I don't hear them now... Burrows is vital to our structure. I remember how badly we struggled early on this season when he was out with his shoulder injury. He was sorely missed and when he came back and got some games under his belt, the team improved markedly. Truth is that if we are to push for a Cup this year, he will be a key ingredient.
  3. I'll 'fess up to being frustrated with Bieksa many times before, in fact, I think I stated earlier in this thread he should be the first traded. I have come around on that view somewhat. He has been very good this season. Yes, he still does some very odd things on the ice but he's much more consistent than he used to be. I think our D unit is a lot more solid than in the past and the pairings seem to have good chemistry. Hamhuis has been a great acquisition and he and Bieksa have been solid, don't underestimate how important it is to be settled and these two are a settled pairing right now. Along with Edler and Ehrhoff the top four looks really solid. I never thought I'd say that about a top four containing Bieksa. The Salo comeback poses a problem for the bean counters at the Canucks but I don't believe that Bieksa will be the one on the trade block should we need to shed salary and his form would suggest that's a good call. Hopefully he continues his play and plays within his limitations because he's much more effective when he's not trying the impossible. Credit where credit is due, BIeksa has been very good thus far.
  4. I'll admit, I haven't seen the game against the Wild, I've only seen "highlights" packages online. I didn't notice any Bieksa howlers on there. The highlights were dominated by Rypien's brain explosion, but I did notice when the altercations moved towards the bench, that Bieksa was there "flying the flag" for his teammate and trying to help him out. When Rypien went at the fan, our captain exited stage left but Bieksa and Malhotra were right there trying to restrain Rypien and diffuse the situation. He displayed some strong leadership there IMO. I did have a little laugh at his taking a swipe at the glass when the crowd controllers were talking to/evicting the involved fans though.
  5. The offense worries me a little also. It is early, I know, and for a team hoping to go deep into the playoffs you don't want to be hitting your peak at this stage of the season but I think the D with the inclusions of Hamhuis and Ballard and the form of Luongo has looked pretty solid and the twins are their usual consistent productive selves but the conversion up front needs some work still. No doubt the absence of Burrows cuts deep in this regard and yes, the team is still to gain its chemistry but I think our offense needs to have more potency for sure.
  6. Geez, Bieksa certainly polarises opinion around here! I actually didn't think he was too bad in the last game. He made some mistakes, but I don't think there was any player on the ice who could say there wasn't something they can do better. As far as the D goes, I thought Ballard and Hamhuis were our best but that's not to say Bieksa was our worst. I've been critical of Bieksa in the past (Saturday night for example where he was comprehensively beaten IMO) but against Florida he was quite reasonable. I recall him having a great game against Chicago in the playoffs last season as well but he backed it up with another poor game. Bieksa can play. The difference between his best and his worst is a long way apart and to me this is the difference between a good player and an average player and probably why he's heavily criticised, at times unfairly IMO . If he can close the gap between his best and worst, I think he will be a lot more valuable to the team and go a long way to justifying the cap hit.
  7. Great post. How long did it take to come up with that?
  8. Bieksa showed us all tonight why he should be traded at the first available opportunity. His cap hit is terrible for what he provides IMO. The sooner he's gone the better though it may be we have trouble moving him