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  1. He was beaten like a teenager fighting Muhamed Ali.
  2. I think Louie is a keeper. he scored two goals and had a fight in my game today.
  3. Isn't Winnipeg game here on Sunday? I think we play two away games, Coyotes & Avs.
  4. Does anyone here have any doubt that another forward from Utica will be a huge improvement over Eriksson?
  5. We win and Leafs lose. I'll be drinking all night until I pass out.
  6. The Canucks tank nation had become a joke for fans of other teams. They were being ridiculed for having a tank thread while their team was no. 1 in the division.
  7. To those A-holes on HFboard who keep wishing Canucks to lose cause they dislike Benning, below Trump has a message for you:
  8. Oilers were without their best player, McJesus for quite some time and made it through. I hope our players are mentally strong enough to get through this.
  9. As far as I know, moderators can troll people too. You should have done it.