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  1. To the tank nation on HFboard who are wishing injuries on Canucks players so that they lose and are cheering on losses:
  2. Remember we were all mad when we dropped a few spots to pick at 5? Remember the look on Linden's face? It now looks like it was a blessing in disguise.
  3. In other news, Virtanen has 12 goals this year and Bennett a healthy scratch.....
  4. Someone call 911 quick! y2kcanucks is drowning in his tears @HFboards
  5. Put Lias with Elias on the same line and I promise you his game will be resurrected.
  6. Our Tanev and Pettersson better than their Tanev and Pettersson.
  7. Why on Earth am I happy our divisional rival beat the Leafs? Is that normal?