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  1. Are you getting used to games without fans in the arena or does it still feel weird? 

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    2. naslund.is.king


      During the game it’s whatever but it sure kills the celebration /excitement in moments like a OT win or series win etc

      Imagine your team being in the finals and not getting those moments /goosebump reactions

    3. goog16


      The only thing I miss is the refs not getting booed for making horrendous calls!!

    4. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Was weird seeing Tkachuk not getting booed every time he touched the puck.

  2. Trading Madden for 10 games of Toffoli? Yeah, like Benning knew about COVID-19 interrupting the season before signing Toffoli
  3. He was beaten like a teenager fighting Muhamed Ali.
  4. I think Louie is a keeper. he scored two goals and had a fight in my game today.
  5. Isn't Winnipeg game here on Sunday? I think we play two away games, Coyotes & Avs.
  6. Does anyone here have any doubt that another forward from Utica will be a huge improvement over Eriksson?