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  1. I was more disappointed they didn't even register a shot on goal on the 5 on 3 -- teams lose games, but that's just embarassing.
  2. Our lack of compete tonight was exaggerated when we had the man advantage. No urgency shown at all. Do they want to score on the PP? It doesn't look like it. Slow, sloppy and not hungry enough.
  3. 5 on 3 with no shots on goal. Absolutely pathetic effort tonight! Well deserved loss.
  4. Being outshot so badly is merely a symptom of playing most of the game in our own zone (i.e., being out-played.) LA is a much better overall team than the Canucks at this point in their respective eras, so this shouldn't surprise. Stretches of successive games like this just remind us that this roster still needs a lot of work to reach the same level as the best in the West (despite our better than expected first half of the season.) I have faith in our management group to make the proper incremental improvements over the coming years (moreso than I ever had under MG.) Hopefully we get more heart and grit, things we need if we ever make the playoffs.
  5. We deserved to lose that one, given our lack of puck posession / overall compete level. Can't blame refereeing for that, it's on the players. Just not good enough.
  6. We didn't deserve 2 points, lol. Calgary must be pissed off, they were the better team overall.
  7. A mercy point we probably don't deserve.
  8. Our compete level has dropped off a lot during this losing streak, although the players haven't really touched on it--they mainly just mention 'mental mistakes' and such. Go back and look how hard we skated and competed in Pittsburgh; it's been less and less every game. At first I thought it was the road trip, but I'm out of excuses for them now that they are home and still looking flat most of the time. Even if they somehow manage to get 2 points tonight, I can't say they really deserve it. The Flames look fresher, faster and hungrier for the win.
  9. Not trying to pour more gasoline on the fire, but remember this one from last season? No penalty, no discipline or anything for Nash, despite blatantly targeting Kopecky's head, who had to leave the game. It's incidents like this and the Robidas headshot on Mathias that calls the NHL's officiating and disciplinary efforts into question.
  10. Too many players taking the night off = well-deserved loss.
  11. Because they don't have much compete level in them tonight. They are just coasting out there.
  12. This Canucks team looks absolutely flat / gassed and is being simply outhustled and outworked all over the ice tonight. Yes, the Kings are a pretty good team, but the Canucks aren't even putting up a fight. They are being beaten in foot speed and compete level everywhere. Not worried, easy to pinpont the problem and improve on this debacle.