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  1. heit taranakason.....greetings from the kid from smithers.

  2. could've been stopped. but it definitely shouldn't have been stopped. right call was made for sure. Rosenthal is the best in the business. I'm also looking forward to the rematch. Carwin will be smarter with more gas and Brock will have improved even more in all areas. I expect to see his hand look a lot better when he fights Cain. Carwin has 2 or 3 wins before another shot with Cain/JDS/Nelson in the mix.
  3. which of the following constitutes barely protecting oneself? a) covering up like you're supposed to? grabbing somebody and pulling them close to you to stop them from punching you? c) pushing somebody off when the ref threatened to stops the fight? d) all of the above?
  4. Love seeing Lesnar haters/Fedor lovers in here crying about his win. How was Frate Trane exposed? Shane Carwin has finished 12 men in the first round. Everybody was saying that Brock has a suspect chin. Shane Carwin dropped hell on Brock for 4 minutes. Brock was battered after round 1... 10-8, maybe 10-7 round. Then he came out and did what he does. Win. Brock's stand-up isn't great. But if he's fighting somebody not known for their power he can risk throwing wild shots. Carwin has the heaviest hands in MMA. Brock ate some big shots. He didn't go to sleep. He didn't quit. He took his beating, then he put Shane Carwin in the hospital. Keep in mind that he's coming off a one year layoff where he could've lost his life and almost lost his career. People spouting off about Carwin's 12-1 record being better than Brock's 5-1 record should compare who these men have fought... then ask how each guy has done in UFC HW championship bouts. And for people calling for the fight to be stopped, look at Brock's first loss... that fight should've been stopped too... instead Mazz took a point away with no warning. Brock Lesnar is the #1 HW in the world. 3-0 in UFC title fights and has only been fighting for a few years. No heavyweight on the planet has faced the type of competition Brock has in their first 6 fights. So.....
  5. thanks shogun.....i'll pay closer attention to your posts...glad to have you as a friend....have fun at the beach.

  6. Coleman wasn't in his prime when they fought in Vegas. and I'm not discrediting AA at all. When he fought fought Fedor he was a top-5 heavyweight. Possibly top-3. He was in my top-3. Tim Sylvia was top-10 by default. When Big Tim was the UFC HW champ (2 wins over AA) Pride still existed. The whole "UFC Champ is 1 or 2" rule didn't exist back then. Tim Sylvia was #5 or #6 after his 2nd win over AA. Fedor, Nogs, Mirko, Barnett were all ranked ahead of him. He never moved higher than #5 in the World. He stayed at #5 with his win over Monson. Randy came in after retirement, weighed 50-70 pounds less than him, and embarrassed him. That dropped him to 8 or 9 imo. He beat a LHW in Brandon Vera by holding him against the cage. Kept him at 8 or 9. He was then subbed by Nogs. No shame there, was winning up to the sub. Stays at 8 or 9 or could even be dropped to 10 or 11. He was still top-10, but he was on his way out and barely holding on. Brett Rogers was NOT a top-10 opponent no matter what any Fedor-loving ranking maker wants you to believe. In MMA there are a bunch of different crowds, but there are two super-crowds; the UFC-lovers and the UFC-haters. UFC-lovers discredit everything outside the UFC. UFC-haters over-rate everything outside the UFC. There are also a huge crowd of Fedor-huggers. And they will do anything they can to validate a Fedor opponent. The combination of UFC-haters/Fedor-huggers have tricked the world into believing that a single win over a ranked fighter makes you a top-10 guy. I would argue for Rogers to break the top-10 if he beat Arlovski before Arlovski had his soul stolen in the Fedor fight, but he didn't. Rogers was barely top-20. He might have been undefeated, but who was he undefeated against? In my opinion, Fedor has two top-level fights over his last 4; Werdum and AA. Both top-ranked guys. And even then, the Werdum fight was laughed at because it looked so one-sided on paper. Your argument is that no other heavyweight has as many top-10 fights in the same period, but Brock, Mir, Carwin, and Nogs all have at least 2 top-level fights on their record since the beginning of 2008. People (Fedor fans) have been saying that it doesn't matter who Fedor fights, he stays at #1 until he loses. Now that he's lost, he's still #1 because nobody has the same record as he does. blah blah blah blah blah. The simple fact is this; Fedor is not fighting the best fighters in the world anymore. The UFC owns 8 of the top 10 heavyweight fighters in the World. 7 if you put Overeem in the Top-10. I do/don't because as you said "he hasn't faced any top competition". And after those 3 (Fedor, Werdum, Overeem) the UFC probably has the 17 that make up the top-20. The winner of Brock/Carwin is the #1 heavyweight fighter on the planet. Not the greatest heavyweight of all time, but the best heavyweight fighter in the world right now. Fedor is still great and still one of the p4p kings, but as far as rankings go, he's no longer #1. And while I agree that people who completely go off the deep-end trying to discredit Fedor are annoying, people who go the other way with their ridiculous nuthugging are just as annoying. Fedor still holds the title of best HW of all-time. But he is no longer the current best heavyweight. edit: just read the italics in the quote box. I agree with a lot of it. I too wanted to see him in the UFC. And don't dislike him at all. He's one of the very best fighters and people in the sport. But the people behind him (M-1) are an embarrassment and his hardcore fans are almost as bad as BJ Penn fans. Anyways, sorry for lumping you in with the "huggers", I've read so much garbage since the loss from both sides of the fence and just jumped in. Should've read more of the back-posts before responding to you.
  7. Wamma is an absolute joke. Seriously.
  8. What do Fedor and Jose Canseco have in common? They've both fought Hong-man Choi. Seriously though, he's fought NOBODY but Arlovski since his epic fight with Cro Cop. Zulu - lol. Mark Coleman (2nd time) - really? lol. And in Vegas so Coleman was off the juice. Mark Hunt - Getting subbed by Barnett earns him a shot at Pride's top heavyweight? Matt Lindland - Natural 185er. Hong Man Choi - Biggest MMA win is over JOSE CANCESO. Got heel-hooked by Minowa. Tim Sylvia - Walking sloth. Leading up to the Fedor fight, he had just been subbed by Big Nogs. He was also dominated by a 44-year old man. And barely beat a 205er by holding him against the cage for 3 rounds. His final fight before the Fedor fight was a sub-loss to Nogs. Imagine that, getting subbed by somebody earns you an immediate shot at Fedor. Was knocked out in 8 seconds by 40-something Ray Mercer in his next fight. Andrei Arlovski - Other than Werdum, this is the only fighter who deserved to be ranked in the Top-5 at the time he fought Fedor. Arlovski was arguably the #3 or #4 heavyweight at this point and the UFC still wanted him. He wasn't a washout like Big Tim. Brett Rogers - Spout off about his undefeated record all you want, but he only has one top-20 fighter on his record before fighting Fedor, and that was Arlovski, who was a shell of his former self after the Fedor loss. And why are you talking about Randy? Randy isn't even a top-10 heavyweight. But Dos Santos, Carwin, Mir, Velasquez, and Brock all are. And I find it funny that you discredit Randy's recent fights while listing Tim Sylvia as a notable Fedor victory. Tim Sylvia also fought Brandon Vera (at HW though) and Tim Sylvia also has a fight against a 40+ boxer on his record. And Tim Sylvia had a loss to the overrated Randy on his record leading up to the Fedor fight. I get that you love Fedor and all, but open your eyes and look at who he has fought since CroCop. A fight is a fight and anything can happen, but other than the Arlovski fight, you can't tell me that the guys he was fighting were the best competition he could find.
  9. no.
  10. no he didn't. fedor threw 5 or 6 punches. only 2 landed. the first one was softer and landed on the side of werdum's cheek, the second one glanced off his head. the punch that looked like it dropped him missed by a mile. werdum even said after the fight that he was trying to bait fedor into jumping into his guard.
  12. Tim Sylvia (former UFC champ) vs Mariusz Pudzianowski (World's Strongest Man)
  13. so happy.
  14. may not mean anything coming from Hawks fan.............but its been entertaing reading your posts as you try to bring insight, humour, and rationality into what can often be only described as a bottomless well delusional rants.