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  1. Tryamkin can barely cut it in the KHL. Why are people still holding on to him as an option to make our team better?
  2. If we go 7-1-1 we need the 4 teams ahead of us all to basically go .500 or worse. The only way we make it is to win out. Even then we could still miss easily.
  3. Good win. Yeah, losing spots in the draft can hurt, but I think this year every pick from 3-12 is a complete crap shoot. I really don't care if we pick 5th or 10th.
  4. Hi, yeah, I'm here 'cause someone told me there'd be Petey points?
  5. You're correct. Real prime for forwards is 23-25. The 27 age is just floated around because of focus on UFA status. In reality, once a player hits UFA their best years are already behind them. Some players develop later, some hold on to their prime longer, but in most cases if you aren't consistent by 23 you probably aren't getting there any time soon.
  6. We need both. Our forward depth is actually worse than our defensive depth assuming a couple of our defensive prospects pan out. We have literally zero top line offensive prospects. Our best offensive prospect is Madden and he's projected to be a middle-six player at best. Kakko is the piece we need most this year.
  7. 2016 is the one that really hurts. Dubois was the target that year and CBJ stole him with their lottery win. That kid is a stud. I'm not sure why they can't just give the bottom 5 teams a 20% chance to win 1OA and then leave everyone else where they are. Restocks the crappy teams, but doesn't guarantee 1OA to a tank. Teams a few points out of the playoffs should not get a chance to select in the top 3.
  8. They do on bad teams. Gibson is arguably the best goaltender in the league and look how that's turned out. Mediocre goaltenders like Hellebyuck and Rittich are propped up by good teams. I don't think Marky is close to elite, but goaltending stats are primarily team stats
  9. He was likely told to get someone to play with the Sedins and good players (which Loui was in Dallas and Boston) don't sign 2 year deals in Free Agency. There was absolutely no evidence going forward that Loui would fall off a cliff like he has.
  10. The deals for Hansen/Burrows in expectation of the Sedin retirement. So Spring 2017. That was when Benning was allowed to start the rebuild. That means we are in year 2 of a rebuild. The model rebuild (Winnipeg) took 6 years to become a competent NHL team. 8 years to be where they are now. The fact that people want Benning fired when the rebuild has just begun shows how little patience this fanbase has. Maybe Aqua was right that the market couldn't handle it?
  11. He better go big game hunting. Unless he thinks we're signing Taylor Hall in summer 2020, there are no competent FA wingers out there for the next 3 years. This summer has Panarin, Skinner, Ferland, Nyquist and Eberle. You don't get to choose when FA's come available, you have to buy them when they're free. "Oh we're good now, time to buy" doesn't work.
  12. McCann was also a selfish twit who didn't want to play here. Don't waste anxiety on that fool.
  13. The sad thing is that our winger depth is worse than our defensive depth. We actually have D prospects. There is NO help coming to the wings.
  14. Chevy got 8 years to build his team (which only became competent 2 seasons ago) but Benning gets canned after 4 years showing progress?
  15. Except the Jets/Thrashers were terrible for a literal decade. That got them a lot of prospects. It's kind of hard to compare us and them when we've only been bad for 3 seasons. Do we really want to follow the Jets example and be "patient" (suck) for 7 more years? Reminder: The Jets haven't won F all yet.