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  1. Green has already said he's going with Petey and Brock. JT is exactly what that line needs. I like this trade. We likely keep our pick for the sweet draft next year and iff we aren't a playoff team in 2021 everyone is getting fired anyway..
  2. With Colorado drafting Byram I still think that makes Barrie expendable. Colorado isn't shortsighted enough to think they're a true contender yet, despite winning a round. They have time to let that insane D-core develop
  3. Let's not be too quick to send assets off for Poolparty. The kid is 90% likely to be a bust. CBJ passed on him because they thought he was the dumbest kid in the draft and the last few years haven't exactly proven that wrong. So "potential" is great and all, but for all those people saying Hutton or whoever, remember you're likely sending Edmonton something for absolutely nothing.
  4. I don't think we're going to come to terms with Edler. So LHD is still a need.
  5. I think he settles in at a 45-50 point player from now on. 5.5 isn't too shabby. It's a fair deal for the current league.
  6. Sutter + Hutton + 1st for Ghost Ghost is young and locked in to a good contract. If we drafted a guy as good as Ghost with our 1st we'd be thrilled. You can't overvalue a draft pick that may turn into nothing. Sutter and Hutton give Philly the depth for a run. Then we just hope Gaudette or Madden is for real.
  7. I don't get this from Philly. Gudas is better, younger and less expensive than Niskanen (who had a terrible year) AND they retained salary?
  8. We should be done with him. He blocked a good trade for us using his NTC and is now going to leave if we don't let him handcuff us again. You block a trade because you want to stay, not to hurt the team. Sorry Alex, you don't get to have your cake and eat it too.
  9. The Leafs made a huge f---up with Matthews contract. They paid him max and only locked him up for 5 years to the start of his UFA So, you paid max? Without buying any UFA years? So the next contract (safely assuming Matthews is still awesome in his prime) is either going to cost you a billion dollars or he's going to walk? When you have a guy like that, you buy the 8 years, because year 5-8 are going to be a steal when the average salary keeps rising. Dubas really baffled me with that one.
  10. Just goes to show you the "loyalty" franchises have for their players. Guy wins you a Cup and is your flagship player for 15 years, the moment he isn't useful to you, you dump him. That's why I 100% support players using any labour power they have to get max money, max term and strong clauses in their contracts. In the end, the teams don't give a &^@# about their players, it's up to the players to look out for themselves.
  11. I was exaggerating a bit (this forum is so anal), but he scored half those goals in a few lucky games and then disappeared for the next 60 games. After the first couple months his pace settled in to nearly what my joke was which is really sad.
  12. Valuable players do all that while scoring goals. If we just want a guy who is going to be physical while playing 3rd line minutes and potting in 1 goal every 15 games, there are literally dozens of other players we can sign to fill that roll.
  13. I'm not sure they will take Markstrom. It's very likely that Holtby will be available as well. I could easily see Seattle signing Holtby and taking Stecher/Gaudette anyway. It's really hard to tell this early I guess.
  14. No Cup winning team has been purely built through the draft. You have to make trades and sign FA's to win. Look at any contender in the last decade. At least one or two core pieces of their team came from trades or a FA signings. Not drafted for Boston: Chara, Thomas, Wheeler, Rask Not drafted to Chicago: Sharp, Hossa Not drafted to LA: Carter, Richards, Williams Not drafted to Pitt: Kessel, Hornqvist I'd say the only exception to the rule would be Washington who were mainly built through the draft with the exception of Oshie. But they were also in the basement for a decade. Some of these guys were picked up before a run, some of them were picked up years before, but to say "Just build through the draft" and ignore trades and Free Agents is foolish. If you can sign a guy like Panarin now, sign him. If you can trade for a young top pairing RHD like Trouba now, then trade for him. You'll need to do something like that at some point if you want to be a contender.