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  1. I'm just happy to look forward to Canucks games again. There's been a few times the last couple years where I'd forget a game was on because there was no entertainment value to watching them play. This year the games have mostly been fast and fun. That's all I'm expecting out of the team right now and it feels good.
  2. Mike Gillis TSN 1040 Interview

    Good thing it would be a 4 game series because that's all it would take.
  3. Mike Gillis TSN 1040 Interview

    Anyone that argues the 94 team was better is wearing nostalgia glasses. The 2011 team was statistically one of the best teams in modern NHL history. We just caught a terrible match-up and the eye of a massive conflict of interest stemming from NHL head office right down to the refs. Tampa got screwed the round before in the exact same way.
  4. **THE PP Drop Pass Challenge**

    It's effective, Edler just sucks at it.
  5. The Curious Case of the Calder Candidates

    Eh, Defensemen rarely win it. It's much harder to play D as a rookie than F. It doesn't really mean anything if he doesn't win it in a stacked year like this. I think EP's biggest rival will be Svechnikov, that guy is going to be a beast.
  6. [PGT] Calgary Flames vs. Vancouver Canucks | Oct. 03, 2018

    If this defense isn't drastically different next year there's a problem with our front office. Right now our D depth chart is Tanev/Edler Stecher/??? ???/??? ??? Grab guys off the street. I don't care.
  7. Calder winners & forming a dynasty...

    And as amazingly well as those two teams have been built, they've won exactly...nothing. That shows you how hard it is to win the Cup, much less multiple Cups. The only possible modern dynasty may have been Pittsburgh if Crosby didn't have his career derailed by concussions. They could easily have 5 Cups with a prime Crosby all those years.
  8. Pete was great. He really impresses me defensively and I believe he can step right into NHL centre. Boeser hasn't looked good this pre-season, but I'm not too worried about it. Elias will have to be more willing to shoot on the PP than he has been for that to really click. Gaudette seemed a bit overwhelmed. Some top minutes in Utica and a few call-ups would do him some good. Leipsic and Goldy aren't there yet. I'm pulling for both of them but they need to add about 5 different dimensions to their game because their 1 dimension isn't good enough to rely on. The Euro leagues and KHL are full of these guys. I really think Goldy gets waived this year and I'm not even sure he gets picked up. If you can't make it on this team you can't make it anywhere in the NHL. Motte looked great, I think he makes the team. Palmu looks solid but not there yet. I think he's call-up material. Sutter looked useful. I'm still not sure where the offense of this team is going to come from this year. It can't rely on a theoretical PP1 unit and our D is still a dead duck at generating offense. God, I hope Hughes is as good as we hope..
  9. How many points does Pettersson get this year?

    Especially since it means we somehow traded for some players that could convert his passes into 74 goals. Right now the only people that can score on this team are Bo and Boes and Pete probably won't play with them.
  10. Karlsson is refusing to commit to teams for more than this last year of his contract, so Ottawa was only ever going to get so much for him. He said he and his wife told every team that he wanted to wait til the end of his contract to see if the city was a fit. You don't give up the farm for one year of a superstar. If Karlsson actually signs in SJ at the end of the year, sure it's a mugging by SJ. If he doesn't it starts to look a lot more reasonable.
  11. [PTO] Jack Skille with Senators

    Top 10 bust, but I admire the guy's willingness to work his butt off for a job year after year.
  12. Where does Toronto go from here?

    I mean...Pittsburgh has had a barely competent defence for years and they've won 3 Cups. I'm not saying it's not important, but it might not be that important if your offense is stacked. Not that Matthews/Tavares = Crosby/Malkin
  13. Canucks Teams: Most Underrated?

    Choking against Minny in 2003 was the last time I was truly mad about a playoff loss (until 2011). The path to the Cup was there. All the major contenders had fallen away. We had a great team. Yeah, maybe we get stone-walled by Giguere in the Conference Final, but none of the teams he played that year had the WCE assaulting him. I think 2003 was our best Cup chance outside 1994 and 2011. I'll always had Brunette for how well he played against us.
  14. Yes, something like that would be great. If only some hockey team were cool enough to do it..
  15. I want to see a Pacific Northwest sports team just go and orange or something. We all look the same with our obsession of blue and green.