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  1. [Signing] Jets re-sign Connor Hellebuyck

    Because I like how their team plays and we're going to be irrelevant for the next couple years? Their success isn't going to come at a cost to us, so I cheer on teams who's hockey I like.
  2. [Signing] Jets re-sign Connor Hellebuyck

    Hopefully this doesn't become an mistake for Winnipeg. There isn't a lot of data to anchor your Cup window to this specific goalie, but I hope it works out for them.
  3. Your favourite NHL teams ranked 1-31

    I see Calgary outside of some bottom 3's and I wonder what the world has come to.
  4. Sure...but usually the teams that have the cap space to offer some ridiculous offer sheet have good first round picks. I'm not offer sheeting Matthews if my upcoming years look like 4 top 10 picks (like NYI does) thanks. Unless you really think Matthews is worth like...Makar, Jost, Rantanan and Landeskog, to use Colorado as an example. I sure as hell don't.
  5. Will we finish higher or lower in the standings?

    I think our good run at the end of last season put us about where we'll be this year. We'll just get the points in a more steady way. So yeah, I'm expecting 5-7th last.
  6. Here's what we got now !

    I don't need to see Pettersson wasted as every play dies on Sutter's stick all year thanks. I like Sutter as our 3rd C, but we still don't have a real 2nd line centre unless Elias makes the move into the middle immediately (I don't think he ever plays C in the NHL). It's going to be a rough year.
  7. Nylander disappeared in the playoffs and Marner played well, I guess is the difference. But it's pretty hard to base your judgement on a few games on a relatively non-competitive team.
  8. The NHL owners have made sure that offer sheets are almost impossible to use. The cost is so ridiculously high that it's never going to happen.
  9. The only explanation is that they stopped watching hockey the past couple years.
  10. Would you touch the Stanley Cup?!

    I touched the one at the Hall of Fame but I don't know if that counts.
  11. [Proposal] Sign Juice

    The guy can barely play at an NHL level. I love Juice, but he's better suited for a TSN job these days.
  12. Who are the bottom 10 teams in 2018 - 2019 (Discussion)

    I think it will be very similar to last year unless Free Agency is huge for someone. 31. Ottawa 30. Montreal 29. Vancouver 28. Buffalo 27. Detroit 26. Chicago 25. NYI (JT leaves) 24. NYR 23. Arizona 22. Calgary
  13. Signing Ilya Kovalchuk (LA Kings)

    LA isn't contending again any time soon. They were only relevant this year because Brown reappeared out of nowhere and had a good season. They got their 2 Cups out of this core and it's time to move on, but they're going to delay the inevitable for a few years chasing memories.
  14. What ufa's should we go after?

    People seem to be down on someone like Bozak, but the reality is we literally don't have a 2C. We have to sign one to field an actual hockey team. Or we could throw Gaudette in there and let him get trashed in his first real year.
  15. Agreed, but a lot of people assume those trades will be there when the time is perfect for us. That's not what happens. If you think you need ROR or Tavares to compete 4 years from now you have to get them now, when they're available. You don't just get to show up in the summer of 2021 once you have some good young guys and say "OK, I'd like to sign free agent superstars now." and hold out your hand. If Benning thinks he has to capitalize on an opportunity this summer he should do it, even if the fans scream that he's going for a "quick fix." and ignoring reality.