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  1. Blood Doping and PEDs. NHL has just as many players doing that stuff as every other major league, but the NHL has been genius at pretending it's a clean game.
  2. Some people don't even want to play where they grew up. Joe Sakic said multiple times he would have never considered playing in BC because the pressure of living/playing in front of everyone he grew up with would have been too much for him.
  3. This is it exactly. The newer generations (not just athletes, people in general) no longer respond if talked down to or insulted. I include myself (age: 30) in this. The days of coaches and bosses screaming at players or employees to "fire them up" is no longer a reality. Younger adults and kids will just tune you out if you don't treat them with respect. You have to support and encourage. Torts is a dinosaur with about as much of a future as fighters in the NHL.
  4. Edmonton wins -> CDC labels them future champions and Canucks losers -> Edmonton finishes 12th in the conference this year while Vancouver still makes the playoffs
  5. I'm almost certain one of the years we missed the playoffs we went like 8-1 in the pre-season, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  6. The fact that the only one that shouldn't have counted actually counted is hilarious (I'm assuming it was intentional). Edit: heh, should have finished the article
  7. Sutter as good as Forsberg: Confirmed.
  8. The only team I care about is the Canucks and I hope none of the other Canadian teams ever win a Cup, but...I was sad when Iginla left Calgary. I think that having iconic figures on the other side of a rivalry defines your own team. I feel like Iginla leaving Calgary made the seasons to follow less interesting for Canucks fans. I know he's in Colorado now, but it's not the same.
  9. Don't hold your breath. Guy is the textbook example of a floater.
  10. People give me crap about watching soccer because of the diving, in a sport where possession is so much more important than hockey. 90% of the time this is used to draw attention to a legitimate foul. Soccer players get called weak. Yet embellishment in hockey gets a "man that was a smart play to flick his head like that, draw attention to the foul. Anything to get the win." It's such BS hypocrisy.
  11. Remember when Ottawa took Daigle instead of Pronger? Some fans here deserve that to happen to the Canucks the way they idolize tanking.
  12. No Canadian city in their right mind would bid on an NHL franchise with the dollar this low. Quebec sure as hell won't be getting a team until there's a big rebound.
  13. I'm not sure we'll win the division, but all these predictions with Vancouver finishing 12-14th are equally ridiculous.
  14. This is who I want. Bring him where he should have gone in the first place.
  15. Heart and soul defenseman who played the worst hockey of his career. Only power forward who played like a power forward 10% of the time who can easily be replaced by rookies and a PKer who has already been replaced by the better Prust. So..what's your point?