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  1. Where does Toronto go from here?

    They're pretty solid, but not good enough to win yet...maybe. I'd say their greatest boon going forward is that the colossi of the Eastern Conference (Pit, Wash) are set for a decline going forward, or have already declined, leaving the conference wide open. These are the years that a team can slip through and win a Cup with beneficial match-ups. Avoid Tampa on your way to the Cup Final and you have a shot. I could see any team in contention in the East making the final this year and winning over whoever limps out of the West.
  2. [Report] Anthony Duclair requests trade

    No one is trading Duclair straight up for Goldolbin. Hutton's closer as he's ..sort of.. proven he can play in the NHL, but we may still have to add.
  3. Parallel Disasters..Mtl, Ottawa

    I don't think this has been true for nearly a decade. Back in the days of Roy and Brodeur and shutdown hockey, where you needed that shutout to win games, yeah sure. These days? Load up with talent and hope a decent goalie gets hot at the right time and win games 4-3.You don't need a Price to win a Cup, you need Toews and Kane.
  4. Alex Burmistrov Retires from NHL

    Yeah, people keep putting him as like a first or second line winger on our "future talent" team and I'm sitting here thinking the kid doesn't belong anywhere near the NHL. I'm betting he ends up in Russia within 3 years.
  5. Exactly. The players don't give a f*** about which kid they draft. They aren't fans, they're employees. They want to get to the summer without getting hurt, get payed for each game they play and establish contracts that provide stability for their families. Do you think a third line centre is happy his team drafted a guy that's going to put him in the AHL or get him traded across the country?
  6. Load him full of beer and painkillers and send him out there. Kid will be flyin'!
  7. [PGT] Calgary Flames vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Are we at the point where I can stop watching and not be labelled "fair weather"? Cause, there's other things to do and no Boeser makes it a tough sell.
  8. [PGT] Philadelphia Flyers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Not much to say about this one...other than hoping Tanev is OK.
  9. [PGT] Carolina Hurricanes vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I don't care about the pick we'd get, I want to keep Vanek here. I love that dude's play style.
  10. Stealth-Rebuild Is Possibly 91% Done!

    But..but..all of our prospects are going to be 1st line NHLers! Even the fringe ones like Dahlen! That's what CDC told me!
  11. Mike Ribeiro Arrested

    The guy sexually assaulted his teenage nanny multiple times. &^@# him.
  12. Unless some miracle happens (Petterson shatters expectations) there's no one in our system who's going to be a 1C on a winning team. Get real guys. I guess we might have a 1C in the way that Derek Stepan and Jordan Staal are technically a 1C's in the NHL. But those guys are 2C's or 3C's on a contender. Most likely we'll end up with 3 2C's and have them slot on whichever lines fit. One of those will be considered the first line, so there you go. If you want a true star 1c we'll have to draft him in the future or trade for him. There's no one to promote.
  13. Why do you watch?

    Can you imagine if someone actually scored 5 goals and then Safeway didn't give the person a million dollars? I'd spend the rest of my life attempting to collapse the chain.
  14. Why do you watch?

    Yes, I watch because every year is an important year in the team's history, whether it seems like it or not. It was a lot more emotional cheering for the run in 2011 because I saw those years where Burrows and Bieksa came out of nowhere, Kesler was a 3rd line shutdown grinder and the Sedins were thin kids that couldn't keep position on the puck. I saw the impact of Sundin's short time here on the Sedin's game. I saw the Trevor Linden and &^@# Messier saga and know intimately how thankful I am that Linden decided to come back to the organization. I know how excited I was the day that the Canucks finally got a legitimate goaltender in Luongo, or that a complete busted pick like Patrick White 4 years earlier helped get us Erhoff. In a few years when this team is competitive again, I'll appreciate it more knowing how lucky we were to grab Stecher from college, knowing how unsure the reclamation projects of Bae and Granlund were. I'll know how conflicted I was at the loss of Schneider and how happy I am now that we got Bo instead. If Virtanen helps us lift the Cup I'll remember the $&!# he took from everyone in 2016 and that I saw him grow into a player. 2017-2018 may mean nothing for the Canucks on the pages of history if you glance over it, but it may mean a lot if you look back critically years from now.
  15. Canuck Rivals.

    Although the few Chicago years were fun, you'd have to have started watching hockey after the lockout to consider them our biggest rivals. Remember that roller coaster game 7 in 2004 where Matt Cooke tied it late and then we immediately lost in OT? I almost died. That was way worse than any of the Chicago losses