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  1. I'm going to guess this is why Tippet and them had a "mutual" breakup.
  2. Is it just me or does Bowman always get out in front of other teams and get $&@! done. He doesn't wait around to see what other teams do, he identifies what is best for his team and makes it happen. Gotta like that.
  3. I'm truly worried about Mittlestadt and him bolting to another team because of the dumb NCAA rule. I hope we stay away. Glass or a D please.
  4. The tough part of this new system (thank you very much, Edmonton) is that a rebuild is pure luck. With Canuck-luck, we'll forever be in mediocrity. This system is tough to comprehend. There at least needs to be a rule where by if you jump into the top three one year, you shouldn't be allowed to next year...
  5. I truly hope he hasn't shut the door to coming back - he's got too much potential. This has a huge impact for the immediate future though. You have to approach both drafts differently now. I was hoping for a Tanev trade for some offense but don't see that happening now. #canuckluck
  6. I don't want to take this off topic but stating that you sense someone might be in the autism spectrum isn't cool dude. I don't care if you're trying to be funny or not, that is not something to throw around. Canucks, among many other organizations, go to great lengths in helping those and their families who live with autism. That comment was completely unneccesary, show some respect and some class. I'm going to add you to my ignore list.
  7. He's been pure class in this interview. Very impressed. I hope he learns from everything (just don't be so stubborn with your lineup! Haha) and lands a gig somewhere else in the NHL. Seems like a real stand-up guy.
  8. You can see the confidence the Oilers are playing with. Canucks, not so much.
  9. Edler doing his best to ensure he has virtually no trade value. Tough game.
  10. Every time Bo scores and the Canucks lose, Mike Gillis' smile gets a little bit bigger
  11. Guy makes me absolutely sick. And to think that he was a key part of Team Canada at the World Cup is beyond nauseating. He shouldn't be in the league with the **** he pulls - zero respect for others.
  12. My memory is a bit foggy of that time as well but I believe you're correct. I remember the shoppers drug mart calendar, or was it pharmasave, that had the two of them standing together and the caption read something like "how many goals will this duo account for" ... Not a lot was the ultimate answer as I don't think they played a ton of time together due to injury and then Bure was traded :(. You're right... Canuck luck.
  13. Interesting thread. Haven't read them all but the thing that pained me the most was Bure's season ending injury (aside from the deaths, which as someone said, are more human tragedy than Canucks tragedy). I still remember being absolutely devastated that my favourite player and best Canuck was done for the season. I was younger and couldn't comprehend it. The game sevens hurt but you knew there was a chance they may not win them.
  14. Looking forward to the news article about how we are ahead of the Avs in the rebuilding process.
  15. He's super fun to watch, I just can't stomach that the Oilers won that lottery. Still bitter about it. I should probably let it go but that organization has absolute horseshoes up their, well you know. They messed up so many prospects on their way to being gifted one that would be impossible to screw up... you can see the writing on the wall with this - they'll win another cup before we do. All because a bloody ping pong ball... Also getting a little tired of him and that Toronto first overall pick, what's his name again?, getting shoved down our throats.