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  1. This no post game show thing is really starting to bother me ...
  2. too funny... But hagelin doesn't deserve Jim... Maybe Dwight. Edit - though if you're going by looks, I get it haha
  3. My point is that the comment is made online, without tone and can be perceived many different ways. I actually don't know the guy who said it, nor do I know how it was intended. It didn't come across as sarcasm to me, it came across as an attack and wasn't necessary to a thread discussing hockey.
  4. You may be saying this in jest but this is the type of comment that is completely unnecessary, especially online when people don't know your tone. This is a hockey discussion and shouldn't warrant personal attacks. It's the very definition of cyber bullying and if I was a mod, you'd be gone.
  5. Not sure what I'm swallowing? People are absolutely entitled to their opinion, just as I'm entitled to mine. I'm not saying the province is great by any stretch but collectively (not all) this board jumps on any writer claiming this team won't be great this year... It's like when the majority of writers/reporters picked the Flames to beat us in the first round a few years back. They were all idiots and knew nothing and didn't pick us because no one likes us etc ... Well turns out they knew something ... Maybe, they actually do know what they're talking about.
  6. I find it quite funny how some discredit this article because it's "bleacher report," similarly discredit eastern medias' expectations of this team because, well, they're back east and couldn't possibly know about the Canucks, and then call hometown guys like Botch and Tony G complete idiots and discredit their work. So no one is capable of assessing this team? Or should the hometown blinders be removed? I'm all for hope and positivity but at the end of the day, a little realism isn't a bad thing. The author of this paper is pretty accurate in his/her assessment. Edler is our best proven PM defensemen. Just because you don't like to hear it, doesn't make it a lie. And unless LE plays on the second line, we haven't addressed secondary scoring. Hansen will not score at the same pace last year without the twins and Rodin is a question mark. Sven and Bo can pot another few but overall the improvements aren't there. Too many question marks remain and JB knows this or else he wouldn't be looking for another top 6 winger (as reported).
  7. What is with 1130's infatuation with Hudler? They must only have one source...
  8. How on earth are people saying he screwed the Canucks? It was his right to waive his NTC - whether he did or didn't, or only had a few teams on his list, he was operating within in the contract the Canucks gave him. On a side note, I'd re-up him for a few years (while we wait for Juolevi) and trade Tanev or Edler for some offense that isn't on the downside of their career like the UFA's we're supposedly after.
  9. Made my day. This is awesome.
  10. If Hall has attitude problems (reported not confirmed), then this might not be so much of a lopsided trade. We are only seeing the on ice product - there are many other factors.
  11. Anyone else get the sense that #3 is the biggest hurdle?
  12. I'd take a flyer on Connolly. Still young. Could turn it around.
  13. Do players need to be bought out by July 1?
  14. I am becoming pretty frustrated/jealous (combination) of Edmonton. They've had some good luck lately and I know they have had about 10 years of misery however, we have no cups either over that time. It's been a better ride for the Canucks but at this point I'd put Edmonton closer to being contenders than we are. Not saying they'll do better than us this year but there headed there now, and fast. Calgary, well jury is out for me. They beat us in the playoffs a couple years ago, looked terrible like us last year. So we'll see this year. They're definitely trending the right way though. If Elliot can shine and tkachuk finds chemistry, they'll be a pretty good team.
  15. What a difference a few years can make... I like what I see there.