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  1. D without Myers is too soft. He took some penalties but at least was being aggressive. Blues forecheck too much, Canucks seem to be playing scared and throwing the puck away instead of taking a split second to make the right play. 0/7 on PP won’t get it done. Reffing was, like usual, quite inconsistent. A top-6 #%! disturber might not be a bad pickup.
  2. I’m not going to be able to sleep until we know which team picks first overall on Monday. The thought of the Oilers, and to a lesser extent, the Penguins choosing first overall makes me ill.
  3. Why on earth did he drop the gloves? I was listening on the radio and the second I heard he was involved in a fight my thought was "you've got to be kidding me" ... feel for him but there would have been better ways to prove to yourself and others that you are okay.
  4. I think the biggest mistake with this thread is starting it after a loss. The sky is falling, the Canucks are the worst team to ever play in the league and team tank is gaining momentum. Half joking aside, I’d say 3-4 years, gives time for guys to develop further, hopefully we gain some higher end offensive talent on the blue line (though it is shaping up nicely) and we can fill out our top 9 With Podz, Lind etc. Just because it’s 3-4 years though doesn’t mean they can’t compete and win a round in the playoffs. Here’s hoping!
  5. Seemed like the Canucks from last year. Couldn’t get the puck out of the zone, bad bounces and frustrated players. Oh well, I’ll take the 10 steps forward and 1 step back. On to Winnipeg.
  6. I think someone is trying to capitalize on a previous, similar titled, post. Don't think this one will get the same attention. Sorry.
  7. I can't answer that, I am certainly no expert, but have two thoughts: 1) Mitch Marner has to sign an offer sheet... it certainly seems doubtful to me that he signs anywhere else (just my opinion) 2) Laurence Gilman. Many here are bashing Dubas for this move but Gilman is a cap genius and I'm sure is the brains behind this. I highly doubt they made this move to save $250k of Sparks owed salary. There is strategy here. Bonus thought: I hate this move. It seems like cap circumvention to me. Is it allowed? yes. Is it in the spirit of the CBA? Doubful and I sure hope it's closed in the next one. Highly doubt there will be retroactive penalties though.
  8. This explains it ... I'm assuming he is correct?
  9. Giving up the first hurts for a team in the Canucks position BUT if it turns out to be a later first, JT Miller is a certainty (opposed to a late first who won’t play for years, if at all) and under a great contract. Think he’s a good fit for our top 6. If he slides down to third line once Pod and Panarin arrive (fingers crossed), that is great depth. Now we we need some help on D.
  10. All the pre-draft hype and it’s been pretty vanilla... I shouldn’t be surprised as this usually happens but with just about everyone reporting that the Canucks are active, and many reports that there will be a lot of action league wide, it’s been a bit of a let down. But I do love the pick - think we got a steal.
  11. I have been checking this site and twitter all day and am getting increasingly frustrated that there aren’t any new rumours hahaha. I thought the same thing - maybe they’re waiting for the draft, which likely means the pick is involved, or closer to the draft to ramp up excitement if it’s not involved.
  12. If ML agrees to waive his NMC in year 3 (or just for the expansion draft - like Seattle would take him anyways) then I would do the ML and JP for LE and perhaps even throw in Goldobin if it's needed (something I wouldn't want to do earlier in the year but it is clear that he is not a favourite of Travis Green). All players in this scenario need a change of scenery and I think the Canucks would stand to benefit the most. Putting JP with EP and Brock could turn that kid's career right around.
  13. While I took great joy in watching the Bruins lose on home ice last night, it did bring back some hurt from 2011 (side note: I thought I should be over it but then realized that is what watching sports is all about - being passionate and way too invested in something you have zero control over... at least for me ... so yes, it still hurts and I am still bitter). I realized that I have never actually seen the final minutes of that game, nor the handshake, nor any of the on-ice celebrations. I watched the game at the Commodore and left with about 5 minutes to play in the third. Couldn't bear to watch them lose. I got out of the downtown core before any of the riots started but could tell as I was leaving that something was in the air. Anyways, aside from seeing Chara hoist the cup in the HNIC clips, I haven't seen any of the on-ice celebrations from that night. Am I the only one?
  14. We, as a Canucks fan base, don’t have a rich history of success let alone one Cup, which isn’t the fan bases fault, so we have to take pleasure in the little things (not Eriksson) and I take great pleasure in not having that little runt, who sucker punches, cheap shots, licks, submarines, gloats, spears, slew foots and hides behind Chara, get his name on hockey’s most prized possession again. He can be a good player but all the other antics don’t belong in any game. He’s an embarrassment to hockey and I’m over the moon that St. Louis won tonight. Call me pathetic but that’s how I feel.