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  1. Daniel Sedin: The real All Star Game MVP

    I thoroughly enjoyed the games - fun to watch. Scott didn't look too out of place and threw a hit and got in a "fight." Just wish he had scored after hitting Kane though!  Daniel did lead the way with four points but didn't really stand out like some of the others did. He didn't seem like he was as into it - maybe it was his speed. Or lack of haha. What does anger me though is that in no article on TSN is he mentioned. If a Leaf led all players in scoring, it would be the bloody headline. I bet any other player would get a mention. The Sedins get zero respect (hardly a revelation). You think there would be at least one sentence saying Daniel Sedin led the way for the Pacific Division with 4 points. I just don't get it. 
  2. Agreed about limiting picks. I'm still uncertain they'll be a dynasty. For their fans sake I hope so - they've put up with what must seem as an endless amount of bad seasons. By my count, 7? Two in the 20's and one year they didn't have a first rounder. Though it is 1:30 so I could've missed something A stupid amount, regardless.
  3. I get that people say that they won't mind if the Oilers get the first overall pick again as they ruin their prospects and won't do well anyways but the NHL can't like these first overall picks repeatedly ruined and/or constantly injured because they're not ready to compete in an 82 game schedule. They should not be allowed a first overall pick. Shouldn't be be allowed in the top 5 if you ask me. 
  4. The Pro Tank Thread

    I'm all for a higher pick but that doesn't mean lose just to get the first overall. I get being competitive and having a winning environment but the fact is that we are not winning a cup this season. I'd hate to hold on to assets at the deadline, squeak into the playoffs and get bounced and draft in the late teens/early twenties and then lose those assets for nothing.  I'm hoping they sell some assets for picks, win some/lose some games and get a decent pick in the top 10.  People using the Oilers as a comparison are not looking at the whole picture. We have the Sedins and other leaders to mentor our prospects. The Oilers don't. Big difference. Even if the Canucks lose every game until the end of the year, our prospects will learn how to be professionals and solid players by being around the Sedins. 
  5. Daniel Sedin: All Time Canucks goal scorer

    22 and 33 to the rafters upon retirement. I'll be there. Congrats Danny!
  6. Jake Virtanen Talk

    Watch Don Cherry's Rock 'em Sock 'em videos... You'll see plenty of it. 
  7. Too good to be true... I'd be fine with a top 3-5 pick but even then I'm not getting my hopes up. We'll go on a winning streak the last ten games of the season ... It's the Vancouver thing to do haha. 
  8. Jake Virtanen Talk

    I saw a bunch of kids squeezing their sticks a little too tight today, some trying to be the hero when it was tied and then when they were down (Vitanen included). They'll settle down and start to play better. Such pressure is put on these kids (a byproduct of TSN having the rights) and its overloaded today because it was the Americans and not some team like Belarus, which they'd blow out. They'll be fine. Jake will be fine. 
  9. Hamhuis and his place on this team

    Trade him at the deadline, re-sign on July 1 (or whatever day it is now). 
  10. [Report] Travis Hamonic on the trading block

    I'd say it'd be far easier for the Oilers to step up with a decent trade... Unless they're planning to tank for the first overall pick ... Again 
  11. Great article - loved it. Thanks for sharing.
  12. [Proposal] New Canucks Anthem Singer

    I'm sorry but I whole heartedly disagree with this. People talk about a lack of tradition with this team and the one thing that actually has some tradition you want gone? New jerseys, new logo, new goal songs, new entrance music, new anthem singers, new mascot... This forum drives me crazy sometimes. Personally I love how the crowd gets into it and sings a portion of it. That gets the crowd more pumped up than standing and watching someone perform it. The Canadian anthem isn't exactly a rock song. Have you been to a game when Mark isn't there? Nowhere near the same!! I'm all for change and I get it's the dog days of summer and not a lot to talk about but saying the anthem singer needs to change to enhance the atmosphere is straight up ludicrous - it's the last thing that needs to change (IMO).
  13. Laurence Gilman, Lorne Henning, Eric Crawford FIRED

    Always liked Gilman. He'll land somewhere else in no time. I guess it's just part of the business.
  14. JB "clearing up cap space" for next years free agency

    Clearing cap space for next years free agency sounds like the dumbest plan you can have - you have zero control over who is available (aside from your own team). Of course the list of next year's UFAs looks good. At this time of year, it usually does. Slowly but surely those players will be re-signed or traded and re-signed. At this time next year, the crop will look similar to this years.
  15. Single most important Canuck in 2015/2016

    Jim Benning. Vets have to go for youth, it's time.