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  1. Why would they want to trade away any of our good vets/rookies/prospects or picks when we are in a great position now to let the young guys develop? This may come as a shock to some, but, we aren't' winning a Stanley Cup this year, or next so do not need to be buyers or beggars. To lose any of our players of any value in the hopes of making a first round exit in playoffs makes absolutely no sense! We finally have some young up and comers in the works and before long will be able to ice a great team. Added to this, is the fact that Kane has not shown he has even begun to mature nor play a complete season. I don't want him and his attitude anywhere near our guys! Virtanen will be just fine given that he isn't rushed and is allowed to grow as a player & person out of the fishbowl - Utica is the perfect place for him to grow as a player. It's not an insult to go there - most guys his age don't start in the NHL.
  2. [Report] Canucks re-assign Jake Virtanen to Comets

    Agreed. Had he been old enough to play there last year they wouldn't have hesitated to have him there. Down there he will get more ice time, a different coach, discipline, maturity and be out of the very bright spotlight here in Vancouver. Despite his size he's still a kid and needs a chance to grow into the good hockey player I know he will become under the right circumstances. This idea of hurrying them along is ruining our prospects. Look how Detroit always took the time to slowly bring up their guys as an example. We aren't winning a Stanley Cup this year or next so why rush them so needlessly.
  3. I would hope that if you hired a contractor for your house you would pick one with knowledge and skill. If said contractor didn't do things to code because you told him not to then you are the fool - not he. Nothing but troubles will haunt you going down that road.
  4. But Gilles' moves did bring us to game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals and a more exciting brand of hockey - isn't that the goal?
  5. If Ownership is meddling(which most of us can agree on) then you can't pin this fiasco all on Benning. His hands are tied just as were Gilles. Coaching however is and remains a problem since Vigneault left. Just as Torts was never the right coach for the team, the same can be said for Desjardins - his system doesn't work for the players we have. Intentional? I have to assume so as he is still behind the bench. Tank the team with a rookie coach and when we finally have legitimate prospects(unless Benning trades them) ready to step in, get a tried and true coach. That's if anyone will even want to come to this dysfunctional team. If Linden has pondered stepping down it will be because his full autonomy was never there and as much as he says Aquilinis are not calling the shots, they are. Linden is about the good of the team, Aquilini's are about the status of owning a team and think they know how best to run( ruin) a hockey team. Fans would support a rebuild - anything really except be lied to and for management to say we can be competitive now is a lie.
  6. Burrows only has 1 year left - not an albatross but an advantage
  7. Not sure to whom you are referring ?
  8. It's all that "clean living" he practices.. perfect role model for a young impressionable hockey player
  9. Hopefully JB doesn't do something silly and trade it away - if we are going to compete we need to draft and develop our young guys
  10. Depends how many nights Virtanen wants to spend with Bieber
  11. With the train wreck that is the team right now and fan backlash pretty high, I think they may have considered a buyout prior to deadline but can't see them putting a fan favourite(Burrows) out to pasture now, not to mention his work ethic and mentoring of players. Higgins is done I believe.
  12. we need a "where are they now" thread if we don't already. As was mentioned earlier hockey IQ cannot be overlooked, not to mention work ethic
  13. unfortunately our old core is cap heavy so have to hope some of our young guys get an attitude adjustment in the off season and play to potential. That 25 - 28 group are looking for richer contracts
  14. works for me! Can't see Torts being excited by that tho...