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  1. Burrows only has 1 year left - not an albatross but an advantage
  2. Not sure to whom you are referring ?
  3. It's all that "clean living" he practices.. perfect role model for a young impressionable hockey player
  4. Hopefully JB doesn't do something silly and trade it away - if we are going to compete we need to draft and develop our young guys
  5. Depends how many nights Virtanen wants to spend with Bieber
  6. With the train wreck that is the team right now and fan backlash pretty high, I think they may have considered a buyout prior to deadline but can't see them putting a fan favourite(Burrows) out to pasture now, not to mention his work ethic and mentoring of players. Higgins is done I believe.
  7. we need a "where are they now" thread if we don't already. As was mentioned earlier hockey IQ cannot be overlooked, not to mention work ethic
  8. unfortunately our old core is cap heavy so have to hope some of our young guys get an attitude adjustment in the off season and play to potential. That 25 - 28 group are looking for richer contracts
  9. works for me! Can't see Torts being excited by that tho...
  10. what happened go our draft pick from Columbus courtesy of them signing Torts - isn't it a 2nd round either this year or next? When do they have to declare which year?
  11. Maybe Burrows spoke in french and that's what Tootoo objected to
  12. I'm at a hotel with shaw, lower mainland, I don't see a 118 - anywhere else you may suggest? thx in advance! found on channel 54!
  13. #1, 2, or 3 at the draft - sorry Edmonton!
  14. The Sedin's love Vancouver, the team and the city. They love the relative safety of the city and all amazing things to do there, year round with their kids. That is worth more than the cup to them! On a lighter note, they would request Burrows be part of the package as they have played their best hockey with him on their line. It took how many years for them to find someone to play consistently well with them???
  15. Ferland had pretty much beaten himself up playing against the canucks, that's why he was a non factor against the ducks.