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  1. Any particular reason the guy putting up numbers comparable to Ohlund, Kronwall and Enstrom at a similar age has struggled (relatively) adjusting to the AHL? Is he as bad defensively as his team-worst minus-18 suggests?
  2. My new ranking of the Top 100 Roto players for Dobberhockey: http://goo.gl/UWHDtA

  3. 35 year old Clarkson at 7 mil or 38 year old Sedins at 7 mil? I'll take the Sedins, thank you very much!

    1. Ghostsof1915
    2. DarthNinja


      Not really a fair comparison though because Calrkson's cap hit is only $5.25. But I'll take Sedin over Clarkson, period.

    3. Edler's Mind Tricks

      Edler's Mind Tricks

      Had a brain fart. Oops.

  4. New sig: Hockey Management Intern for UBC Thunderbirds. Writer and Vancouver Canucks Scout for Dobber Sports Network. Designing a UBC Hockey Management Degree.

  5. Being a writer at dobberhockey is awesome! Thousands of people read my articles, free fantasy guides, great experience and feedback. The debut of my monthly feature is coming out soon!

    1. Batmania


      How's the pay?

    2. Edler's Mind Tricks

      Edler's Mind Tricks

      Good, once you get established. As a student looking to make a name for myself, pay isn't my (current) top priority. Making things like this is. http://hockey.dobbersports.com/index.php/columnistsarticles-mainmenu-77/919-top-100-roto/5913-top-100-roto-september-2013

  6. Have sold out to pressure, my girlfriend and 16 year old mainstreamers everywhere. Ask a CanucksArmy blogger anything: http://ask.fm/austeane

    1. BananaMash


      I can vouch for this guy, he answers really fast.

      Faster than the reason why my ex girlfriend broke up with me.

  7. Come on... New Year, New Season. Repeat it with me!

  8. Its my birthday and all I want is NHL hockey! (And Romney not to win...)

    1. Tearloch7


      Happy Birthday .. may all your wishes come true ..

  9. What about a Sultzer that is better defensively?
  10. UBC tomorrow. Excited and nervous.

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    2. ManUtd


      Excited? First year or just really miss your friends?

    3. Tim Thomas

      Tim Thomas

      don't troll while u study in ubc

    4. Edler's Mind Tricks

      Edler's Mind Tricks

      Haha way late but ya I'm a first year in Totem.

  11. If those are the only things you trolled then ok. It is just I never noticed you before and then I see multiple trolls in a few days.

  12. And then there is the count to 100,000 thread..

  13. lol I make one proposal and I'm considered a troll. Alright, buddy.

  14. Troll... I am genuinely surprised you have a + rating! Did you troll at all with the minus button here?