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  1. I really like this. He played for Green in junior and attributed a lot of his success there to the confidence and support that he got from his coaches there. I think he will fit in with Green and WD both. Ton of upside, 2011 11th overall pick. Much better chance of success than ~50th overall pick.
  2. The Comets now have Conacher and Baertschi... No need to worry. Conacher has a slightly better PPG than Jeffery, and Baertschi has played for Green before. What do you think will be their lines now?
  3. Dobber Sports Network. Fantasy sports.
  4. I was linking back here in one of my articles, and thought I'd poke my head around... Oh CDC, you haven't changed a bit since I left.
  5. Noone thought Lucic was going to be anything more than a 4th line brawler. He is a massive outlier, not an example that should give us much hope.
  6. There was a lot of vitriol thrown at him, but it isn't his fault. Even if he doesn't have the upside of Nylander or Ehlers, he could end up as a better NHLer.
  7. Can we please just stop and acknowledge that Dreger tweeted something complimentary about a Vancouver Canucks GM? Would never have happened with Gillis.
  8. I just got hired, looks like I won't have time for another league! Good luck everyone, including the new LA GM. Btw, in this league structure, is that MacKinnon trade considered good? I think its a bit lopsided in favor of the MacK side!
  9. I heard on DobberHockey that there was a team available? If you need qualifications: I am the Associate Editor of DobberProspects, I was in the Dobber Pro league last year, I am in one of the elite salary-cap leagues, I wrote a massive series on rebuilding in a deep cap league, I work for the UBC Thunderbirds hockey team and I might get a degree in hockey management from UBC... Here is the series I wrote, if any of you are interested: http://hockey.dobbersports.com/index.php/eric-maltais/5782-rebuilding-to-contention-part-iv Here is the rulebook for the elite league I am in: http://www.freewebs.com/zoomwaffles/HUFA%20Rulebook%202014.pdf How good of a team is it? If it is bad, how conducive to rebuilds is the league? Are there any annoying rules that I should be aware of?
  10. Wow, is everyone else watching the Chicago stream? Their announcers are unbelievable homers.. Way worse than the Johns.
  11. I think he will be (rightfully) blamed for the Canucks missing the playoffs this year, which seems to be what the majority of your post deals with. On the other hand, I think he should be given credit for where the Canucks will be in a couple of years. Tanev, Lack, Corrado, Cassels, Eriksson, Jensen, Gaunce, Schroeder, Kassian, etc. If they play big parts in the next generation of Canuck success... I don't see why he wouldn't get credit.
  12. I bet he wins a cup before we do.
  13. If you are going to use plus/minus, at least use +/-rel. What is the Canuck's overall 5 on 5 goal differential against playoff teams? What is Garrison's compared to that? That will give you a more accurate picture.
  14. I think its a step down for a shooting Swedish rookie from Sedin to.... Anyone.
  15. The honey baker finalists were released today, Hutton was not one of them.