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  1. Sven Baertschi Talk

    I really like this. He played for Green in junior and attributed a lot of his success there to the confidence and support that he got from his coaches there. I think he will fit in with Green and WD both. Ton of upside, 2011 11th overall pick. Much better chance of success than ~50th overall pick.
  2. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    The Comets now have Conacher and Baertschi... No need to worry. Conacher has a slightly better PPG than Jeffery, and Baertschi has played for Green before. What do you think will be their lines now?
  3. Kyle Pettit Talk

    Noone thought Lucic was going to be anything more than a 4th line brawler. He is a massive outlier, not an example that should give us much hope.
  4. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    There was a lot of vitriol thrown at him, but it isn't his fault. Even if he doesn't have the upside of Nylander or Ehlers, he could end up as a better NHLer.
  5. CDC Fantasy League (Full)

    I just got hired, looks like I won't have time for another league! Good luck everyone, including the new LA GM. Btw, in this league structure, is that MacKinnon trade considered good? I think its a bit lopsided in favor of the MacK side!
  6. CDC Fantasy League (Full)

    I heard on DobberHockey that there was a team available? If you need qualifications: I am the Associate Editor of DobberProspects, I was in the Dobber Pro league last year, I am in one of the elite salary-cap leagues, I wrote a massive series on rebuilding in a deep cap league, I work for the UBC Thunderbirds hockey team and I might get a degree in hockey management from UBC... Here is the series I wrote, if any of you are interested: http://hockey.dobbersports.com/index.php/eric-maltais/5782-rebuilding-to-contention-part-iv Here is the rulebook for the elite league I am in: http://www.freewebs.com/zoomwaffles/HUFA%20Rulebook%202014.pdf How good of a team is it? If it is bad, how conducive to rebuilds is the league? Are there any annoying rules that I should be aware of?
  7. CDSF: (2) St. Louis Blues vs (3) Chicago Blackhawks

    Wow, is everyone else watching the Chicago stream? Their announcers are unbelievable homers.. Way worse than the Johns.
  8. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    I think he will be (rightfully) blamed for the Canucks missing the playoffs this year, which seems to be what the majority of your post deals with. On the other hand, I think he should be given credit for where the Canucks will be in a couple of years. Tanev, Lack, Corrado, Cassels, Eriksson, Jensen, Gaunce, Schroeder, Kassian, etc. If they play big parts in the next generation of Canuck success... I don't see why he wouldn't get credit.
  9. [Report] Mike Gillis Fired

    I bet he wins a cup before we do.
  10. Jason Garrison potential buyout candidate

    If you are going to use plus/minus, at least use +/-rel. What is the Canuck's overall 5 on 5 goal differential against playoff teams? What is Garrison's compared to that? That will give you a more accurate picture.
  11. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    I think its a step down for a shooting Swedish rookie from Sedin to.... Anyone.
  12. Ben Hutton Talk

    The honey baker finalists were released today, Hutton was not one of them.
  13. Bo Horvat Talk

    I did say that...
  14. Dane Fox Talk

    Fox won the coaches poll for "Most Dangerous in the Goal Area" by a landslide as well as "Best Shot" in his conference.
  15. Bo Horvat Talk

    Horvat was named the second best defensive forward and best at faceoffs in his conference by the coaches.