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  1. your welcome and that's okay for the mia you must have been very busy

  2. whoa! your living in japan now.....oh well, your still an island lady.....the canucks are going to turn it around pretty soon....go canucks...

  3. hi, island lady...i thought you married and moved to cabo san lucas....i hope you get to canada again....maybe watch some hockey games....it's good to have you back...

  4. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, thanks for stopping by and leavin' me messages! sorry for MIA lately but i'm baaaacccckkkk! :D

  5. it is still too early into the regular season. I BELIEVE!

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Never stopped Believin' ! :) GO NUUUUUCKS !!!

    2. Sully2Cool


      Canucks will be okay still long ways to go i Believe in the Canucks.GO CANUCKS GO.:)

  6. hi there! sorry for MIA lately but now i'm back! wish i could move to canada NOW! ;)

  7. hi stranger...how are you doing in the south?.....i am now on this site as joe of the north...something happened to my smithers joe account....i don't know if i'll ever get that account back again....i hope you are healthy and happy....when are you moving to canada?

  8. hi stranger...hope all is well with you...how do you say, hello young lady, in hawaiian or japanese?...are you getting ready for another crack at immortality?...it won't be long...

  9. My summer is okay so far we have had a cool wet summer.and yeah cant wait till september arrives for the Pre-season to start then for the Regular Season to start too.:)

  10. hi there! my summer is going pretty good, it's hot here in hawaii... we do have our hotter weather during the summer months... but we can jump into the water pretty much all year around without wearing wet suits. ;) hope you are doing well, is it september yet?! can't wait for pre-season to start!

  11. Hi there how's it going how's your summer been.

  12. Bye-bye Ehrhoff, I guess you just wanted where $$$ was... Time to shop for Hamhuis or Bieksa's jersey!

    1. Sully2Cool


      he signed with the Sabures because he wanted more $$$ and he wants to win the stanley cup he thinks he can win the cup with buffalo he is wrong the Sabures will not win.he should'a just stayed here and Re-signed here like Bieksa did he wants to win so he Re-signed here for less.I'am really gonna miss Ehrhoff.:(

    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i don't blame him for looking out for his own interests, it's just disappointing that he wasn't as committed to our team as some others have been....hamhuis and bieksa jersey's will be keepers....i'll bet there are some dozen or more hamhuis jersey's in smithers....good luck lassie.

    3. japanesecanuck


      ya it is just too bad for 'hoff... oh wells. i need a committed canuck to cheer and dedicate my energy and effort! ;)

  13. There he goes, BYE-BYE Ehrhoff!

    He just wanted more $$$ afterall. Thank GOD I didn't waste my $ buying his jersey this past season! Now time to shop for either Hamhuis or Bieksa, gotta stick with the Canadian Boys! :)

  14. Thank you! I'm doing great, still waiting for my ultimate birthday gift, THE CUP! :)

  15. THAT was a great birthday gift from our boys! BUT I admit, I want THE CUP for my birthday!