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  1. Really..Is This is How It's Gonna Be?

    The post game on TSN 1040 with Price and Paterson is not very good. Their recipe is simple, when the Canucks win, they should have played better, and when they lose, nail the goalie. They base their opinion more on the final stat sheet then what happened on the ice and they always, no matter what, agree with each other. 7 hours of Price on game days during the week is way too much. You would think 1040's post game show would be better served analysis wise with someone who played or at least had a background in the game of hockey.
  2. Last year was an aberration.

    Frankly, I'm not that interested in the players we now have, i'm more interested in who they're going to obtain for the future. The one thing they desperately need is a top pick, almost guaranteed top three forward to build around for the future and that obviously is one of the Sam's. Sedin's and Burrows were a dynamic first line, but they're not anymore and that being the case Sedin, Sedin, Burrows could be an effective second line and that's where the problem lies - at present we won't have any first line players on this team or in the system, so if I were the GM I'd try to move heaven and earth to get Sam Reinhardt, or Sam Bennett, because if the Canucks do make the playoffs, it's not likely another draft opportunity like this will come along for a few years and then everyone will be saying we're just like Calgary, we waited to long with these core players and now we're in a full 5-7 year rebuild.
  3. Canucks are the worst team in the NHL right now

    Not the worst, but certainly one of the least entertaining in quite some time.
  4. The Future of this team and the direction it is going

    Actually I'd buy out Booth, hope Burrows has a decent season next year, and if he doesn't then move him at next year's trade deadline.
  5. The Future of this team and the direction it is going

    That's why we're here!!!
  6. The Future of this team and the direction it is going

    Excellent post with a lot of insight and common sense, to bad it's wasted here.
  7. Luongo, Kesler, Edler - With The Rebuild On, Who's Next?

    That used to be Edler's job.
  8. [Poll] Luongo's Legacy

    Some say he's good enough to be selected to the Hockey Hall of Fame, yet not good enough to get his number retired, weird.
  9. Linden For Gm

    Best response I've seen to a post in a long, long time.
  10. 1. Trade Burrows to Montreal. 2. Trade Edler to move up in the draft. 3. Buy-out David Booth. 18 Mil under the CAP with 4 roster spots to fill 4. Get 1 or 2 top six forward UFA's. Under 30 years of age.
  11. Some Perspective on Building or Retooling

    I'm one of those whiny fans you talk about, I'd rather consider myself a critic voicing an opinion on how to improve things however I must admit there certainly is a part of me who wishes I was a cheerleader like the OP and those who support him, I imagine their selective ignorance is bliss.
  12. D. Sedin = 6.1 M D. Booth = 4.5 M Right now I don't see Booth keeping pace with anyone, except maybe Sestito, Burrows and Tanev. They all, not just Daniel, have to be better. Period.
  13. D Sedin 25 goals 55 assists 80 points. +21 6 GWG over 1 plus season. D Booth 22 goals 22 assists 44 points. +1 1 GWG over 2 plus seasons.
  14. The Canucks Are Too Good

    I think unloading 8 players (4 core) and bringing in a sniper would be classified as a rebuild, wouldn't you say.
  15. The Canuck brass will deny this until they’re blue in the face but this club is in the midst of a rebuild, and the first thing you do in a rebuild is ascertain what you have, who to move and what to go after. What do they have, solid goal-tending and a good defence. If things stay the same who do you move, probably Booth, Hansen, Burrows and Edler. And what’s the main reason why you would move these four, CAP space and what would that provide - The Ability to go after not one but TWO PROVEN top 3, not top 6 but top 3 forwards like Vanek, Moulson, or Stastny. You offer any of these two players 8 mil each and the Canucks will still be 2 mil under next years CAP, and the second reason, draft picks, prospects or both. This team needs proven point producers instead of hoping that certain players will get their groove back or a few 19 or 20 year olds will lead us to the promised land. That kind of thinking has to end because the status quo and Torts might get you into the playoffs, but it sure as hell won’t get you anywhere near the Stanley Cup. Don't be surprised to see them clear the deck in an attempt to be heavy players in this summer’s Free Agency. Sedin, Sedin, Vanek or Moulson Horvat, Stastny, Kesler Higgins, Santorelli or Richardson, Kassian PS - Requesting certain players to waive their NTC is difficult but doable.