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  1. #Botchies botched as imperfect, like us, like our team, like predictions on cdc. Words said and understood about the Canucks, about Canuck fans, ownership, players, management. Opinionated sure, but most importantly, said and appreciated. We are all Canucks and we appreciate what you said, #ripBotch
  2. Tkachuk just doesn't seem like a Canuck. Seems perfectly suited to the Flames.
  3. Canucks have enough players and prospects that play LD. The best player coming out of Utica this past year has been Sautner. Also a LD. Canucks don't need Gardiner, but need an upgrade on RD.
  4. There'll be more than one team (Seattle) that'll want one of the Canucks goalies. You are right though, it is important for Canucks to keep the ED in mind. I think Canucks should extend Markstrom this summer, but not give him a NMC or NTC.
  5. Build from the net out. Goalies win championships. Give Buffalo the right goalie and they win the Stanley Cup before the Canucks do. Canucks have one of the best Goalie situations in the league right now, no way should they change that. By the end of next season, I bet Demko will be worth more than Schneider was.
  6. Petey will get more points too as soon as he can get some wingers to feed him some pucks for shots in the slot. The team is improving in getting him the puck more in the neutral zone and on break outs.
  7. Petey is more than just offence, he is a 200 ft player and his play in the D zone has been amazing, same with his back checking, his ability to be available for break out passes and his ability to take away pucks. He doesn't take any shifts off. He seems like the best player on the ice shift after shift. He's so noticeable on the ice and does something every shift. No doubt deserves the Calder.
  8. Good and big teams seem to know how to break down the Canucks.
  9. For some reason we're always looking for someone better, but Biega is actually a really good player.
  10. Remember Ferraro saying Virtanen is Jannick Hansen. Hansen was a great penalty killer.
  11. Yeah, Virtanen got deked out of his socks, but good on him for being that close to making a really great play. He had two choices there and chose G man making a cross ice pass, he chose wrong. This whole McCann being really good is really upsetting to me. I couldn't take seeing Virtanen really great on another team. The puck died and turned over at least twice in the offensive zone on Leivo's stick. I like what Leivo brings defensively to Pettersson's line, but they have to find a better fit on that line. Yes, Pettersson had a few looks and misfired tonight, but he needs someone who can get him the puck when he's open and Leivo isn't the guy.
  12. Green needs Virtanen to carry the 3rd line, either with Sutter or with Gaudette. Virtanen has proven to be a reliable defensive player this year. I like what Virtanen give the Canucks right now and the best is yet to come.
  13. Canucks management had a strategy to target young roster players other teams were willing to give up on. A lot of these players were always going to be long shots. If even one out of four of these types of acquired players worked out it should be considered a success, not a failure. I think one out of the four has worked out and as a Canucks fan I've liked the strategy.
  14. Can I post my Canucks lines here? Green is taking criticism these days, Canucks not possessing the puck well enough and I don't like the way the team is deployed. I'm just a fan so probably don't know it all, but I can make suggestions, cuz i am a fan. These are players in their line up right now or ready for upcoming games Virtanen Pearson Horvat Sautner (Hutton) Stetcher Granlund Pettersson Boeser Edler Hughes Leivo Gaudettee Goldobin Briesbrois (Teves)(Juolevi - i wish) Biega Motte Biega Eriksson
  15. Green has shown he can win games when he's rolling out the team in a certain way. I think injuries are a legit excuse for coach Green who'd like to roll out the team in a certain way. Where they are in the standings, where they are with their young guys, where they are with their injuries, in the very least coach Green is somewhat experimental. He's consistently sending out Goldobin, Virtanen, Gaudette over the boards. No doubt these players are improving.