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  1. Comeback_Kings

    Derrick Pouliot's future

    Pouliot has coughed up the puck in the d zone a lot this season, but I've really liked his last few games, maybe he's coming around, has all the tools to take another step, like Hutton did.
  2. Comeback_Kings

    31 Thoughts: The Podcast.... on the Canucks

    Canucks will be in a fight for the playoffs this year. Sign Edler to an extension now. 4 years x 5 (likely 5.5) would be great for both player and team. Edler gets more than that on the open market. I'd rather have him than Myers for the next 4 years.
  3. Comeback_Kings

    [Rumour] Canucks interested in Micheal Ferland

    No way the Canucks trade Virtanen. He's been in primarily a defensive role all year playing a 200 ft game and doing alright at it and playing with discipline knowing bad penalties will cost the team points in the standings. I like Virtanen a lot, but do want to see more scoring and/or more aggression from him. I think he deserves a shot on Petey's wing. Let's find out now if he can rise to the occasion and get like 19 goals this year. Fans are likely thinking Ferland can create space for EP and offer up protection at the same time, but, teams might target EP more knowing Ferland might react and take a bad penalty. I guess Gretzky had Semenko, different era. I think there has to be a better player to play with EP. Canucks have to aspire to build the best line in hockey around him.
  4. Comeback_Kings

    [Rumour] Canucks interested in Micheal Ferland

    Canucks could look at Ferland as an UFA in the off season especially with the asking price being too high in a trade. Truthfully, I don't see Ferland as a fit for Pettersson's line, but maybe I just don't want to see it. He could protect and create space, but there has to be a better fit, no?
  5. Comeback_Kings

    Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    I think Jake should be encouraged to become the 2nd best forward on the Canucks. It's what the Canucks need to have happen in my opinion. How to encourage him? Give him Horvat's wing and tell him not to end his shifts early.
  6. Comeback_Kings

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Montreal Canadiens | Jan. 03, 2019

    Pettersson could have skated away from Kotkaniemi's hook but chose to engage him by slowing and bumping him. EP wanted a physical confrontation with the other kid. Unfortunately, the result was they fell awkwardly. Would have been way better to see EP have his first fight cuz I'm thinking Kotkaniemi is a guy he would fight and it would have been a fair fight and Pettersson would have won that fight. .
  7. Still on an entry level contract makes me pick Pettersson in the here and now and the next 2 years. Imagine the money players you could surround him with if building a team from scratch right now. I think having a generational player introduces real challenges to a team because they have to be paid. Interesting that Canucks can learn a lot right now from Edmonton and Toronto having generational talents. Also from Chicago and Anaheim and LA who have now paid their guys. Maybe Toronto's window is only this year because of the cap issues they run into.
  8. Comeback_Kings

    Is Alex Edler Peaking at 32?

    Canucks need to resign Edler (4 years x 5 per). I'd extend Tanev as well. You can't replace these guys with late 1st rounders who may or may not work out in 3 years. For every Boeser there is a McCann. It's no longer worth trading Edler or Tanev. The idea of this being a team that should tank is over. I guess that means the Canucks contender window is now open for business. It's an interesting challenge having a generational player in Pettersson. We have to hope that what the Canucks currently have on the roster and in the prospect group will be enough, Markstrom and Demko can be solid enough and Benning and management can expertly tweak.
  9. I hope Nilsson goes hot and piles up the wins for Ottawa. Canucks and other Western Teams have to do their part to keep Colorado from drafting top 3. I think Archibald can help the Senators and is likely the best player in this trade.
  10. this means not trading Edler or Tanev. Edler Tanev Hutton Gudbranson Hughes ___________.? Canucks need a rhd, no way they trade Tanev. Canucks should extend Edler/Tanev - together worth much more than EK.
  11. Comeback_Kings

    Benning finds another gold nugget

    I'm not that attached yet. . Trade Leivo for Burakovsky Motte, got to be the one everyone wants.
  12. Comeback_Kings

    [RUMOUR] Canucks calling on Burakovsky [WSH]

    Why do I have this feeling that the Canucks have to find a way to get Burakovsky?
  13. Comeback_Kings

    [PGT] Colorado Avalanche at Vancouver Canucks | Nov. 02, 2018

    Either I was too young or have always watched the game as a Canucks super homer fan so may have missed the opportunity to truly appreciate Gretzky as the greatest of all time. That said, EP seems to be bringing something that could be called "Gretzky like" to the game. I mean, how else was Gretzky so good? It must have been his hockey IQ, how he predicted the game, how he saw the game in slow motion. When we watch EP, we see something magical in his play. I think it's a compliment to the great one and not sacrilege to say when describing a great new player, or something magical to a player's game, that there is something "Gretzky-like" about him or that he is making "Gretzky-like" plays. "Gretzky-like" should be the go to adjective to describe magical play in the NHL.
  14. Comeback_Kings

    [PGT] Colorado Avalanche at Vancouver Canucks | Nov. 02, 2018

    Colorado is likely going to be a conference rival to contend with moving forward. I thought they played a nasty game with players that played dirty and with an attitude that they were entitled to something. They seemed surprised at how the Canucks just kept on skating and scoring. Canucks have a different type of toughness called resilience. NHL Refs have to wake up to the Canucks and their kind of game. Other teams are going to respond with physicality, which is fine, but also dirty plays, which is not fine. The calls don't have to even up. What kind of deterrent to goon squad hockey was the reffing last night? Landeskog's dive called in the last 3 minutes was pathetic and icing on the cake for another bad performance by NHL Refs. Hopefully, the refs remember how he embarrassed them. They can start treating him like they treat Roussel.
  15. Comeback_Kings

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Florida Panthers | Oct. 13, 2018

    Canucks got the best revenge for the hit on EP by winning the game.