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  1. well we have 4 of these guys. when's Tryamkin coming back? can't wait to see Rafferty, Hughes already amazing!
  2. i don't know, see Bo Horvat more like the Rod Brindamour type. Maybe Gaudette should aspire to be a 1c. Having trouble finding a comparable player, maybe like Fedorov, long, rangy, fast, can check and hit, can score... not sure
  3. that's huge! excited for this prediction.
  4. Gutsy team effort tonight. Great to see Demko have a game like that as gives us hope for a better outcome next game. Stetcher unlucky again on home ice. Virtanen played really well.
  5. missed the game, checking out the comments here before watching it on pvr...
  6. ....your doing really well, but please don't screw it all up mr. Benning and Canucks management!
  7. maybe, what about a Koivu out of Minn? my buddy and i talking potential trades tonight... thought i'd share. fun to be a Canucks fan at the deadline ....YOUR DOING PRETTY GOOD BUT PLEASE DON'T SCREW IT ALL UP MR. BENNING.
  8. Why not, Canucks should be going for it this year. upcoming trade deadline, Canucks should go for Sami Vatanen with a wayne simmonds plus a Max Domi out of Mtl.
  9. these uni's looked right tonight! Bo Horvat leads his team to a 9 - 3 Win over the Bruins.
  10. the invention of the VGK changed how you build a team in the nhl.
  11. how to make the Stetcher trade as worthwhile as possible?
  12. if GMJB can make hockey trades right now, might be the time to do it
  13. in order of prospects next suiting up : 1. MacEwen 2. Rafferty 3. Tryamkin 4. Hoglander 5. Lind 6 Juolevi 7. Podkolzin
  14. I hear what your saying because we've experienced what your describing before with the Sedins. They had to wait for younger players to get drafted and mature to form the next supported core... these guys : kesler - 05/06 - Bieksa - 05/06 - burrows - 06/07 hansen - 08/09. The difference is the Canucks have already drafted these players. They'll be added one or two or three at a time each year on entry level contracts to the team moving forward from now.
  15. I hear what fans are saying that it's too early to give to get because the core isn't ready, but Canucks have long moved on from that. Anybody recall if the Canucks have ever really done a tear it all the way down kind of rebuild in their history, i can't recall, they've always seemed to retool on the fly. Also, I can't think of one team in the Western Conference that is currently the working parts of a tear it all the way down kind of rebuild, can you?