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  1. True, the Jets have the Canucks number but I don't think the Jets will make the playoffs. Who do they have on D besides Morrissey?
  2. Comets seem to be doing the same thing as the Canucks, surround the young players with veterans, in this case, AHL pros. I don't think it is ever too late for players like Bailey, Goldobin, even Boucher. How are the Pittsburgh Penguins so good with these 3 guys in their lineup? Teddy Blueger, 25 yrs old, 76 nhl games, 26 pts Andrew Agozzino, 29 yrs old, 28 nhl games, 6 pts Sam Lafferty, 24 yrs old, 35 nhl games, 10 pts
  3. Motte stays in, no doubt! Yes, there's still room for improvement on this roster, but I don't think Ferland and Leivo are the players to improve it. I think Green sees Virtanen as a better defensive player than BB6 and helps the first line play against better players. Meanwhile, the third line looks like it has been missing Virtanen and has been the weakest line the team has iced in the past two games.
  4. Canucks played an amazing puck possession game last night and controlled the game, wasn't even close. Love how they protect possession and make it count. That's Canucks hockey right there, not to dump and chase, not to rely on turnovers. So great to see. I'm seeing top ten team in the league right now and the class of the Pacific.
  5. Bring him up and have him play a game at RW. Size, speed and scoring. Canucks should use their depth players more and see what they have in players like Justin Bailey.
  6. Stoked, the Dragon Slayer goes to the ROH. Also wanted to make sure I had commented at least once on this thread.
  7. 6 40 9 rule number one. if on the ice with #40. get the puck to Petey. hey #6 and #40 and #9 ... take the shot. especially EP40
  8. #6 not on tonight. Canucks didn't execute. Thanks Sutter for driving the net and Gaudette for taking the shot and tying this * _____ up.
  9. Marky played well, but the goal he gave up in OT will make #15's retirement reel.
  10. Coming back to where? The point of view that allows you to vote Narcissist x 2. Signs and symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder : - Grandiose sense of self-importance. ... - Lives in a fantasy world that supports their delusions of grandeur. ... - Needs constant praise and admiration. ... - Sense of entitlement. ... - Exploits others without guilt or shame. ... - Frequently demeans, intimidates, bullies, or belittles others.
  11. What is happening in the States? Divisive politics. It's already happening here. Sociopath for a PM? Narcissist for a PM? We already have that, just like the States. Trudeau is more like Trump than Scheer is.
  12. I would have preferred Ambrose over Scheer and interesting that a lot of people supporting the Liberals would prefer Freeland as leader, but Scheer is growing on me and I feel makes a more trustworthy, to be respected and nation building leader than Trudeau. I don't trust Trudeau and the Liberal party. Why not? Because they have already shown the kind of leadership and political environment they offer and nothing will change if they get elected. It'll be the same ol' smoke and mirrors and divisive bs politics and only now it will only be seen as increasingly hypocritical and not effective. #trudeaumustgo