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  1. Brock Boeser named Rookie of the Month for November

    Exactly! Pretty sure we’ll be in good shape as far as the cap is concerned moving forward. I don’t see us having any issues getting our ‘core’ locked down in the near future. The only salary that is not the most friendly is Eriksson’s, but that’s workable.
  2. Brock Boeser named Rookie of the Month for November

    We don’t have to let anyone walk! 14 mil will be coming of the books just from the Sedin contracts, plus unfortunately DD’s salary will be coming off as well. Even if we re-sign the Sedins for a year, I can’t see it being for more than 2.5-3 mil each and that’s being generous IMO. So even with the re-signing the Sedins, we will still have probably around 15 mil or so in cap space to play with (other contacts will be gone by next year too I’m sure) And also why do you think Baertschi is all but gone?! Just because he got moved from the top line (for now) to see how Goldy does. Is this what you are basing your claim on?!
  3. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    I love how he’s doing it with much less ice time too than the other two players behind him! I just hope his 21% shooting rate isn’t going to drop a lot and hurt his numbers!!?
  4. LUONGO TRADED to Florida - Official Discussion Thread

    I.......Don't......Know.......What.......To.......Say!?!?!? Thanks for all the great memories! You were one of, if not the best goalie this franchise has ever had! Wish you all the best in Florida, and hopefully they treat you a LOT better than the management here has treated you! P.S. Have fun with Timmy! haha :D
  5. Valeri Nichushkin vs Bo Horvat

    Nichushkin with 16:14 of ice time today against the Kings in a 3-2 loss. He logged 3:53 of pp time (almost 2 full pp's....... that's more than/or as much as our whole team gets in one game usually! ) and recorded just a single shot in the whole game. He was held scoreless yet again, and was also −1 for the game. Man, he is well on his way to that Calder now, hey guys!?!!
  6. Oh Man, this game is going to give me a heart attack! COMMON BOYS

  7. sooooooo bored.........oh how I hate the off-season!!!

  8. Oh man, oh man, oh man!!!! FIRST IN THE LEAGUE

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      and in our hearts....

  9. Bow Chica Bow what I'll be saying after a hopefully big WIN tonight!!!

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      don't hatch your chicken's before the eggs crack, or something like that...don't take all your baskets for just one egg.....or the yoke will be.....ah, i don't know....the isles have surprised some good teams this year..they could surprise us....hope not....



  12. Happy Boxing kick the crap out of Edmonton!!!

    1. Bombastik der Teutone

      Bombastik der Teutone

      specially out of stortini...but i ve a soft spot for their young gun connection..allways better than those lames wankers :D

  13. Merry Christmas to you to Joe. Lets hope the nucks ride into 2011 with the same fire they finish it with!!, not married yet! but i live with my girlfriend, so i guess we're close enough!?!!! LOL :P

  14. thanks for the friend designation....have a merry christmas....and a great 2011....the canucks all the way. i got married at 26, how about you?