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  1. Which nhl players or folk have you met in person?

    I've only met two NHL players. The first was when I was a kid. We learned that Dennis Ververgaert lived a couple blocks from our school and being bold 10-12 year olds my friends and I knocked on his door. The kind gentleman let us all on and showed us his memorabilia and we all left with personalized autographed 8x10 glossy photos. I'll never forget it. The only other time was a couple years ago at an Abbotsford Heat game, my youngest son was approached by Ryan Walters between the 3rd period and OT. He told my son to get his skates on, that the team needs him for OT. He shook his hand and posed for a photo. As we walked away my son says to me "who the heck was that guy?"
  2. With the talent in the roster the Pens are dressing this season it is hard for me not to consider them a contender. A motivated Malkin and a lineup that stays relatively healthy going into the playoffs goes a long way though.
  3. Canucks surprise many by being competitive and fighting their way into a playoff position. Canuck rookies make an impact. More to come. Will edit later.
  4. Is this really so bad? How many teams are in this exact situation every season? Having to fight to make the playoffs and needing young players to step up is a recipe for passionate and entertaining hockey. While I can't say if the adjustments made by the Canucks management team are a step in the right direction or not. I do believe this is a longer term plan and that time will decide if GM-JB is wearing a halo or a noose.
  5. Wow! There is sure a lot of focus on the OP in this thread. I applaud your optimism OP. I personally think that if the community of Canucks fans were more positive, the team would actually do better. In fact if we were all a little more positive we would all probably live better lives. Lol.
  6. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    an excellent occasion to resurrect this old favorite! glad to know Burr will be around at least 5 more years, easily one of my favorite Canucks of all time.
  7. Canucks Memes

    get this outta this thread! for ememes only!~
  8. Linden For Gm

    Personally I'd like to see him with a spot in the office before becoming a GM. I don't want him to share a fate with Gretzky's foray into coaching.
  9. Canucks Memes

  10. what a sad freakin' night

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      I knew LA would beat us . i didnt wantthem or Dallas first round. This is gonna be a long of season :(

  11. [Official] Wii U thread

    I am really looking forward to playing Untitled Mario game
  12. Getting tired of hoping for a good game. This time I am demanding it.

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    2. wtpasc


      I already did! Didn't you see it?

    3. CanucksBen
    4. Busty Ruffles

      Busty Ruffles

      And it worked!

      You'll be around for the playoffs, right?

  13. Canucks Memes

    just Google meme generator, choose the first option and from there is is pretty self explanatory, choose pictures, add text, save finished pic, upload to photo site and post in this thread!
  14. Back to form tonight!

  15. Canucks Memes

    pinned! nice!