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  1. Really minor here in Richmond, lasted only ~5 seconds. Still, been a while since I felt one.
  2. Batman bundle from bundle stars: $13.54 GTA 4 complete edition from humble bundle: $7.98 Four games with all their content for barely over 20 bucks. Feels good man.
  3. It's probably the best game I've ever played. Gotta figure everything out yourself, and when you do you feel like a boss.
  4. Started Dark Souls prepare to die edition. Many fun times ahead.
  5. Got my first official interview tomorrow. Kinda nervous. Any tips?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      look them in the eye...don't let them see your fear or indifference....

    3. HK Phooey

      HK Phooey

      Be yourself. Be honest. Have fun with it. If you have the technical skills, the rest is about you, the person. Go and shine.

    4. TimberWolf


      Show some cleavage

  6. Well I have a 360 controller already, just need the adapter. I found one amazon for 13.50 so I suppose it's decent.
  7. I've never understood the PC masterrace stuff. It just shows your own insecurities. If people are fine with console games, then why not let them be instead of insulting them? Anyway, does anyone know where I can find a cheap wireless adapter in order to use a 360 controller on pc? Makes gaming (for most games anyway) much easier.
  8. Yea I've heard about the random key thing. They can be repeats and are usually games that are either free or like 10 cents.
  9. Pretty new to PC gaming but I'm finding a lot of sites with so many discounted sales it's ridiculous. Just got AC4 for $8 and Uplay already confirmed it was legit.
  10. Coolbeans, thanks. Was it you that hosted the make a player games with the 2007 version on here? Those were fun.
  11. Thinking of getting this game. Is it hard to learn?
  12. I would like one please.
  13. There are conflicting reports, who got the fifth in the Kassian deal?

    1. TimberWolf
    2. Baer.


      LeBrun made a mistake and didn't notice until it was too late.

  14. Nickname: Bear Cheese.
  15. Go ahead and add me. I have a ground type with Trapinch, Dugtrio and Palpitoad I think. FC: 3411-2591-7759