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  1. And another first round exit Who won the cup this year?
  2. Not in Vancouver, my stats have been around the same since before we played together. Unless we play on different lines, which is unreal
  3. I'll be playing this on my Ipod before, during, and after every game
  4. If you switch it to Toronto/Montreal I'd like to be a Canadien. First Name; Nikita Last Name; Khrushchev Jr. Jersey Number; 74 Catches; L Birth City; Kalinovka or Kursk Height; 6 ft 2 Weight; 220 Birth Date; October 26, 1917 or 1987 Birth State/Province; Kursk Oblast Citizenship; Russian/Canadian Rokkie?; No Cage Mask?; Mask Neck Protect?; Yes Speed; 93 Recover; 90 Agility; 85 Breakaways; 80 Five Hole; 90 Rebound Control; 90 Endurance; 82 Passing; 80 Glove High; 96 Glove Low; 88 Stick High; 90 Stick Low; 95 Poke Check; 80 Toughness; 50 Intensity; 90 Paddle Down?; Yes Let me know if anything is wrong.
  5. I'll reserve a a goalie spot on Atlanta. Could I get a list of goalie attributes?
  6. That's what we need, I got 102 points last season but we lost in the 1st round. Edit: But looks like I'm signing elsewhere.