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  1. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Other than Clutch who is a(n) (adjective of your choice) and can no longer be found here this thread is a Burrows love fest, so I'm confused as to what you are refering to.
  2. Spector drops the "Rat" label on Alex Burrows

    One definitely has to wonder if players policing themselves worked so well in the past then why did Mike Bossy and Bobby Orr have to end their careers so early?
  3. Spector drops the "Rat" label on Alex Burrows

    When was the last time Burrows was suspended for anything. I honestly can't remember a time where Burrows was in danger of injuring someone, certainly not from an intentional act. Yeah he can be a jackass with his lip, but he's not in the category of guys like Marchand, Lucic, or Ovechkin who intentionally try to injure other players. I'm pretty sure Burke was referring to dangerous players not mouthy guys that stir the pot. But then again spector doesn't really know anything about hockey anyway.
  4. Move the Sedins?

    Except Linden, his ppg numbers are almost exactly opposite of the Sedins. But that's incredibly rare and in Lindens era the game often opened up more during the playoffs.
  5. Not Really Shorthouse, is that you?

  6. I'm apprehensive honestly as I'm not sure how the story will transfer to film. After all it is fairly epic and jumps back and forth between different characters story lines.
  7. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    I'd go for a bag of pucks over Rypien. Bieksa we love you and need you and ignore everything else as we'd be effing screwed right now without you.